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New Lingerie and Beachwear Collection

An imaginary voyage through the magic and beauty of India. The Spring/Summer 2014 lingerie and nightwear collection is inspired by the rich beauty of palaces in Rajasthan and the colourful, sensual elegance of the clothes worn by Indian women. Playfully intriguing, with references to Made-in-Italy elegance and the ancient grandeur of Indian culture.

Embroidered tulle echoes the patterns drawn onto women’s bodies with henna; jasmine corollas and stylised lotus flowers bloom on lace; chemises and babydolls embrace the body with flashes of colour and gleaming silk. The printed chiffon features a refined Paisley pattern, also found embroidered on lingerie in tulle.

Key Look: transparency induces pure excitement as the bodysuit delicately veils the bust and sides with sophisticated two-tone embroidery.

Ultimate Accessory: A silk-chiffon stole with ties which can be worn in six different ways. A brush stroke of colour that glides across the body with the fluid grace of an Indian sari.

The Limited-Edition Lotus Pearl capsule collection is designed to grace the skin like an exquisite and sensual tattoo, thanks to evocatively screen-printed tulle studded with small pearls and Swarovski crystals. This material has been used to create a selection of exclusive garments, including a knee-length skirt to be worn over a shiny satin bra and French briefs.

Colours: fuchsia, gold, emerald and vivid blue, as well as black and white.

Yellow and fuchsia, and green and nude: these jewel tones also ignite the La Perla Maison creations, one of the cult La Perla collections in silk satin and lace embroidered and embellished using the ancient art of frastaglio.

In 2007, La Perla launched its iconic “Cage Bustier” creation, worn by stars such as Victoria Beckham in the Spice Girls reunion video “Headlines”.

Today, the total-black silk capsule collection has been born from the distinct “cage” concept: jacket, top and bra made from rods covered with satin and modelled entirely by hand. The collection is completed with a strapless bra, briefs and a high-waisted short.

Beachwear Collection Summer 2014

Earth, light and water. The Summer 2014 beachwear collection is inspired by the classical elements which are translated into vigorous abstractions. The female figure becomes the fourth element, enhanced by stylistic touches such as trails and luminescent details.

Earth: Woven reed decoration on bathing suits embellished with eco-leather strings embroidered in a checkerboard motif. Laser cuts outline the figure like lines drawn in the sand and represent the main feature of both the single-tone pieces and those in warm colours with pixel prints or delicately shaded bands.
KEY LOOK: double-faced jersey dresses and trousers printed with two different creative designs.

Light: Clear crystals coupled with new ceramic Swarovski details create a radiant pavé effect in various shades. Glossy-effect lycra with pale gold metallic detail creates essential shapes, and lurex strings cross mesh inserts.
KEY LOOK: the jewel bikini lavished with a shower of Swarovski crystals on dip-dyed colours.

Water: Gradations of blue on the print echo reflections on water. A flow of folds cross the refined plissé bathing suits made from lightweight Lycra shaped by a slender waistband.
KEY LOOK: the couture bustier with plissé motifs interrupted by an ornamental hemstitch.

Accessories: a necklace as long as dresses in hand-plaited string.

Colours: black, blue, grey, mud, garnet, geranium, orange and blush pink.

The new La Perla S/S 2014 Campaign

La Perla
© La Perla

Portraits of a lady. Three models – the magic number to represent some of the many facets of a woman’s world. This is the guiding concept of the new La Perla advertising campaign for the Spring/Summer Season 2014. A project with the unmistakeable stamp of a leading name in international artistic direction, Fabien Baron, who, with photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, was chosen to represent this decisive change in La Perla’s strategy and communications.

The message the company wants to convey with these diverse images, backgrounds and personalities is that there are multiple styles of femininity – a woman’s personality can speak for itself. The campaign shot by Mert and Marcus is broken down into a series of intense images, where the La Perla creations intertwine with the models’ own style. Thanks to the creative vision and artistic abilities of the two photographers, the most representative pieces from the lingerie and beachwear collections are interpreted – not merely worn – by the three supers Malgosia Bela, Liu Wen and Cara Delevingne.

The charismatic, knowing, adult femininity of Malgosia Bela, the perfect “zen” elegance of Liu Wen, the first Chinese model to ascend to the ranks of the most in-demand international supermodels, and the youthful and rebellious magnetism of Cara Delevingne: the La Perla creations become tools these women use to express their relationship with their body, with seduction, with beauty.

In harmony with its new relaunch strategy, La Perla is offering a range of garments which reach new heights of exclusivity thanks to the detail and skill of the decorations, which are expressions of the “Made in Italy” excellence. Bustiers imbued with that body “know-how” that has always distinguished the La Perla style, precious jewel-like bras to be worn as outerwear, and one-pieces and bikinis which exude the same delicate sensuality as the lingerie.
The shoot was held in London, under the watchful eye of stylist Ludivine Poiblanc.

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