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Ladies Autumn Cup 2015 won by Rei do Caviar

At the end of March El Metejon, the beautiful polo club, polo resort and gated community near Cañuelas, has been ruled by women. This third edition of the Ladies Autumn Cup has been a great mixture of good polo, great weather, food, drinks and fun!

The tournament was kicked off with a Openings Cocktail provided by La Martina at their beautiful flagship store. Teams and sponsors where presented while delicious bites and wines of Escorihuela Gascon where served. The nice mix of international and Argentine players and their company had the opportunity to get acquainted in the relaxed atmosphere of the La Martina store.

Qualification matches where played throughout Thursday and Saturday on the immaculate club fields. On Saturday evening polo was followed by an animated dinner with music at El Metejon’s club House for all players and their company.

The result of the qualification games was a spectacular final on the Sunday between La Martina and Rei do Caviar. While the spectators enjoyed the warm autumn sun and cold drinks they could witness how the main player of Rei do Caviar, Paola Martinez, took her team to a 6 – 1,5 victory.

For their great performance, Paola Martinez and her horse Rallita, where elected Most Valuable Player and Best Playing Pony of the tournament.

The ranking:
1. Rei Do Caviar (+10)
Carla Esposito (0, AR)
Annita van der Hoeven (+1, NL)
Mercedes Prario (+2, AR)
Paola Martinez (+7, AR)

2. La Martina (+9)
Gui Suffern (0, AR)
Julie Bernand (0, FR)
Stephany Haverhals (+3, UK)
Annabel Mc Naught Davis (+6, UK)

3. BOHAS (+10)
Yamila Ruano (+1, AR)
Martina Gadea (+2, AR)
Clelia Crespo (+3, AR)
Sol Lopez Llames (+4, AR)

4. El Metejon (+8)
Soledad Servera (0, AR)
Coni Haeufele (+1, AR)
Lorena Ojeda (+1, AR)
Maru Gimenez (+6, AR)

5. Smart House (+8)
Veronica Posse (+1, AR)
Mery Gene (+2, AR)
Ann Rodger (+2, AR)
Veronica Magnasco (+3, AR)

6. Escorihuela Gascon (+10)
Tamara Gibbons (0, UK)
Monica Ganley (+1, US)
Pascale van Duten (+2, NL)
Mumy Bellande (+7, AR)

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