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Rubber boots at its best

Le Chameau – le Chameau? The awareness of the brand has so far been rather low in Germany, whereas France and Great Britain already hold long-term worshippers of all categories, from Breton fisherman to the Royal Family. Regarding the versatile suitabilities of the boots, this is not a surprise. Be it at sea, on horseback or in the concrete jungle – the workmanship remains perfect regardless of purpose or design.

Traditional handcraftsmanship from Normandy
Established in 1927 in Pont d’Ouilly, heart of Normandy, founder Claude Chamot was running a specialty store for agricultural needs at the time. Many of his customers were complaining about poor quality of the usual boot brands, which led Monsieur Chamot to attend to the matter by improve this deficiency. He developed a new, 100 percent waterproof model made of natural rubber and thereby sounded the bell for a story of success. Responding to a rising demand, Claude Chamot opened a second factory end of the 1940’s in Casablanca, Morocco. The former “Le Chamot” became “Le Chameau” (Fr. “the camel”) as a reminiscence to the expansion to Morocco.

Every boot is one of a kind
Like back in the days every pair of Le chameau boots is still a unique specimen nowadays. Specifically trained “Maître bottiers” manufacture each single boot by combining the single cuttings and the hand-sewn linings. Every model is given its individual fitting and shape, followed by the crucial finish: the vulcanisation process. Due to the heating process in a hot air oven the material becomes flexible and durable. Finally all boots get tested for their quality and watertightness in order to maintain the high standards of Claude Chamot and create the perfect rubber boot.

The Iconics: elegant, timeless design and the perfect fit
Forget about rubber boots as a necessary evil. Le Chameau creates timeless classics which you almost don’t want to take off. In 1950 “Saint-Hubert” was designed in cooperation with a saddler so as to become the first rubber boot with a leather lining. Down to the present day it is held i great esteem by hunters. Alongside Saint-Hubert the models “Vierzon” from 1965, easily recognisable by the clasp, same as “Chasseur”, form the iconic boots for country life and nature lovers. Equally convincing in comfort and design both equestrian classics “Alezan” and “Venerie” offer up to seven different calf sizes for the perfect fit. With “Neptune” the brand succeeded to create a widely acknowledged boot amongst professional sailors and yachtsmen. The innovative boot benefits from an integrated gaiter that prevents the ingress of water and suction cups on the sole to guarantee ideal traction.

Novelties fall/winter 2015: Perfectly equipped on every terrain
You will be impressed! The bicoloured “Manoir” and “Lisère” with the fashionable lacing are true all-rounders with the potential to become modern classics. Both models offer perfect wearing comfort for long walks and hikes due to the convenient and durable jersey lining. “Molene” is available in three different fall hues: teal, violet and black. In addition the boot is foldable and easy to transport in the included carrying bag which makes it a real highlight. “Traqueur” and “Cérès Soufflet” persuade with high performance. Both models are ideal companions for all rural demands, the latter defies rough terrain and abrasion with its slip-resistant Michelin-sole and Kevlar reinforced toe cap. The truly special outdoor boot „Colbert“ is available in four different styles. Premium leather and elegant upper paired with waterresistant and breathable GoreTex-linings characterize this durable and fashionable boot and make it equally suitable for rural and urban requirements.

Le Chameau
Le Chameau is a French traditional brand established in 1927 in Normandy by Claude Chamot. The constantly innovative range is enabled by the unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and technical innovation. Hence Le Chameau has represented authenticity, wearing comfort, craftsmanship, perfect fitting, quality and innovation for more than 87 years. The factories in Pont d’Oulliy, Normandy and Casablanca have been run since the very beginning in 1939 in France and 1949 in Morocco until today, showing that tradition is a true value of the brand. All products can be subdivided in the following categories: Professional, Country Life, Sporting Connoisseur und Urban Life.

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