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The rainy victory of South Beach

Because of strong winds and hard rain made all matches on April 29th 2012 impossible, the last three games of the final day of the Maserati Miami Beach Polo World Cup had to be cancelled. Despite the bad weather a winner was identified: Team Yellow Cab with Simon Garber, Kris Kampsen and Juan Monteverde.
The season-opening event of the ladies, the Maserati Beach Women Polo Cup IV on April 26th was won by Team Heys with Uneku Atawodi, Diana Jack and Cecilia Cochran. With a toughly fought 3:1 the three defeated Team Lufthansa Private Jet with Valerie Briecht, Pamela Flanagan and Laura Wilson.
Altogether 14 teams competed in the tournament. In spite of the cancelled finals more than 7,500 spectators followed thrilling chukkas on the Beach of South Beach, Florida. “Some big tournaments happened to be rainy in the past and this will also happen in the future – the celebrations around the event continue anyway“, explains Alex Webbe, Miami Beach Director of Polo.
Bruce Orosz, president and co-founder of The Polo Life, LLC: “The feedback of our sponsors, players and the audience was amazing and the weather did not affect the joy of playing in these three days. Now we are looking forward to the second Chicago Beach Polo World Cup taking place in the beginning of September 2012 and the first international tournament at Tianjin, China next year. A warm thank you to all the sponsors, patrons, players and everyone who contributed to making the Maserati Beach Polo World Cup 2012 such an amazing success.“

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