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MCIII, the ultimate cutting-edge luxury experience

For more than 270 years, Moët & Chandon has been known and loved as the champagne of success, boldness and dazzling style. Today, Moët & Chandon pushes the boundaries with a completely new champagne that galvanizes the Maison’s pioneering spirit and brings to life its celebrated values in a never-before-seen way.

The name MCIII is a luxurious code for a new expression. “MC” is of course for Moët & Chandon. “III” represents the trinity that the champagne convenes via three wine universes. An unprecedented champagne concept, MCIII brings Moët & Chandon’s heritage to life in a uniquely contemporary way and thus turns it towards the future. In MCIII, Moët & Chandon has crafted a champagne experience that represents the third millennium.

This prestige cuvée is a bold new assemblage, a hybrid creation. MCIII masterfully embodies the strength of several vintage wines matured in three different universes: metal, wood and glass. MCIII strikes the height of luxury in each detail, including its sublime and alluring design. A sleek and artistic object, the opulent bottle intertwines two universes: the glass through its luminous black glass bottle, and the metal through its intricate metallic cap and medallion base. The third universe is represented by its striking wooden coffret. The bottle discreetly indicates, in its suave and minimalist fashion, the exclusive innovation that it holds within.

MCIII is a bold statement, a real trilogy of perfect harmony, complementarity and balance – a wine of ultimate pleasure. An unprecedented champagne in its pure and contemporary approach. A pioneering interpretation of a multi-vintages champagne. Multi-faceted and luminous, it calls forth a new day and a new vision for ultra-premium champagne.

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Moët & Chandon MCIII
© Moët & Chandon
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