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New FIP Ambassador: Moritz Gädeke

21 years ago, Moritz Gädeke held a polo mallet in his hand for the very first time and he was hooked immediately. But it was rather a coincidence that he started to play polo: When Moritz was nine years old, his father bought a polo pony to learn how to play polo. Due to a motorcycle accident during which his foot was injured he could not put this plan into action and thus asked Moritz if he would like to try it himself. “So one thing led to another,” tells Moritz and laughs. His enthusiasm for the sport with stick and ball has not changed until today, currently the 30-years-old plays with a handicap of 2 goals at the Preußischer Polo & Country Club Berlin-Brandenburg. Moritz Gädeke successfully works as real estate developer. After attending the International Business School in London, he now lives in Berlin and works for the family company Gädeke & Sons, especially in the departments hotel property and commercial property. The reason why he still is fascinated by the sport of polo until today? “Being together with the horses, you really have to deal with the horse. And the combination of equestrian sports, ball sports and team sports is unique for me!”

In December 2015, Moritz Gädeke was appointed FIP Ambassador in Buenos Aires at the general assembly of the Federation of International Polo, a real honour in the world of polo. In the future, he will represent the FIP in Germany. “Piero Dillier (Representative of the FIP in Europe, editor’s note) has put my name forward as FIP Ambassador. In this role I am contact person for everyone who has questions for the FIP,” Moritz Gädeke explains. However, he does not entirely feel positive about the development of the sport of polo in Germany in recent years: “The sport, the players and the horses keep getting better. But tournaments in Germany often do not place special emphasis on the sport, but rather the event itself. We are trying to do this differently. For our events, we want the sport to have priority, so that the participating players have fun and starting to play polo is still interesting for newcomers.”

For 2016 Moritz Gädeke has many things on his agenda: In the summer, he and his event agency sevendays poloevents GmbH will be hosting the Polo European Championship in cooperation with the Preußischer Polo & Country Club Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. In December 2014 the FIP accepted the club’s application for this. Moritz Gädeke: “We have been thinking about doing this for quite some time. The Maifeld in Berlin is the perfect setting for hosting the Polo European Championship.” A maximum of ten teams will participate in the Championship. The qualifying matches will take place at the end of August at the polo facilities in Phöben and the final matches will be held at the beginning of September at the Maifeld in Berlin. At the same time the Maifeld Cup will be held, including four teams.

Moritz Gädeke: “Of course there will be many things that need to be organised, but we really are looking forward to it all. We are well positioned, as we have already started to prepare the way for this event in the past year. But of course we still have a lot of work to do, for example we need to modify the playing fields in Phöben a little bit, the sports hotel needs to be completed and we want to combine the whole complex with the nearby golf club to become one huge Country Club. For the 2016 European Championship we will present us in a new and even better way.”

Further information about the 2016 Polo European Championship in Berlin can be found on:

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