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Now available: The Klatten Power Boxing System!

Five professional world champions, four amateur world champions and three Olympic champions – the success record of fitness coach Moritz Klatten is impressive indeed. In the past years he has trained many well-known boxers such as Yuriorkis Gamboa, Juan Carlos Gómez, Herbie Hide and Jack Culcay and prepared them for boxing competitions. But not only top-notch athletes come to Moritz Klatten, also coaches from all over the world count on the knowledge and know-how of the fitness coach from Hamburg and are trained by him to become fitness coaches as well or to upgrade their education as coaches. Even from Hong Kong boxing coaches come to be taught by him how to structure the perfect boxing training. In addition, he has worked with successful boxing coaches such as Ismael Salas, Orlando Cuellar, Fritz Sdunek, Michael Timm, Freddie Roach, Joey Gamache, and Jimmy Montoya.

Over the years Moritz Klatten has gained many experiences and has consistently optimised his training methods. Now he has written down this vast knowledge in a book: “The Klatten Power Boxing System – Practical advice on how to develop physically superior fighters”. In this book, his explains in detail how to optimally structure strength and fitness training, especially regarding boxing. “The book combines all the knowledge which I have collected over the years since I train professional boxers”, says Moritz Klatten.

In the first place, the book is aimed at the boxing and CrossFit community, which means is aims at boxers, who already have some experience and would like to improve, as well as at box and fitness coaches, who would like to deepen their knowledge regarding strength and fitness training. The book is divided into different sections such as “Basic Strength Training Methods”, “Advanced Strength Training Methods” or “Workout Design for Boxers”, which consist of step-by-step explanations of what a structured strength and fitness training, especially for boxers, includes. In the chapters, which can be read independently of each other as needed, specific topics are looked upon more closely. For example one chapter concentrates on neck training, which is of utmost importance for boxers. The exercises explained in the book are primarily suitable for boxing, Mixed martial arts (MMA) as well as other forms of martial art and apply to all weight categories.

Moritz Klatten says that writing the book “The Klatten Power Boxing System” took about two and a half years. His main target: To write a book in which training methods are explained understandably and in detail and to thus give instructions how to build up an effective strength and fitness training in a structured way. “In comparison to other sports, fitness training in boxing is way behind and there are many things which could be improved. It was very important to me to write a book by which you can learn how to prepare a boxer for a competition in a structured way. The book is the most detailed worldwide in this field”, says Moritz Klatten.

Moritz Klatten is not only a boxing coach for professionals and trainee teacher for boxing coaches, but also runs a gym, called “Champ Performance”, located in Eppendorf, a borough in Hamburg. Here he also offers personal training for “ordinary” people, supported by several certified coaches. Furthermore, in the near future he would like to open a second gym. His training methods also apply to different sports than boxing as these methods aim at building up strength and stamina. This is why his customers also include international professional football players such as Zlatko Junuzović of SV Werder Bremen, Tolgay Arslan of Beşiktaş Istanbul or Piotr Trochowski of FC Augsburg.

But also polo players such as Federico Heinemann (Handicap 1 goal) or the Argentinian professional Tatu Gomez Romero (Handicap 4 goals) rely on Moritz Klatten’s training methods and make use of the treatments offered at his gym like massage, chiropractic and physiotherapy. Strength and stamina are essential for the success at in tis fast-paced sport and only a fit and healthy polo player can show complete commitment on the polo field!

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