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Tom Tailor ladies on the road to success

The daughters of Uwe Schröder, Tahnee (0) and Naomi (+1) won the first Open de France Féminin 2012 with Lavinia Fabre (+1) and Lia Salvo (+8) in the team In the Wings Tom Tailor Sentre Porsche Roissy yesterday. With a score of 5:4 they defeated team Hecla with Fredericka Dogde-Tellier (+1), Louise Mayer (+4), Héloise Lorentzen (+5) and Emma Boers (+1) at the French Polo Club de Chantilly.

Marie-Victoire de Coulange (0), Charlotte Garaud (+3), April Kent (+1) and Siobhan Herbst (+5) of team La Victoire won a well-deserved third place against Nuestra Tierra with a 9:4 final score.

Winner of the Open de France 2012 was given to team Body Minute. With an end result of 14:9 the male quartet with Jean-Christophe David (0), Edouard Pan (+4), Tomás Reinoso (+5) and James Beim (+7) defeated team In the Wings with the Argentine +9-scorer Pancho Bensadon.

Altogether nine teams of the division from +14 to +16 took part in the Open de France, whereas eight teams with handicaps from +8 to +12 took part in the Ladies Polo of the Open de Frande Féminin in one of the biggest clubs of Europe.

The Standings Open de France Féminin „Chopard“:
1. In the Wings Tom Tailor Centre Porsche Roissy (+10)
Tahnee Schröder (0)
Naomi Schröder (+1)
Lavinia Fabre (+1)
Lia Salvo (+8)
2. Hecla (+11)
Fredericka Dodge-Tellier (+1)
Héloise Lorentzen (+4)
Louise Mayer (+5)
Emma Boers (+1)
3. La Victoire (+9)
Marie-Victoire de Coulange (0)
Charlotte Garaud (+3)
April Kent (+1)
Slobhan Herbst (+5)
4. Nuestra Tierra (+12)
Claudia Sorbac (+2)
Rachael Hughes (+2)
Hazel Jackson (+7)
Emmanuelle Morandi (+1)
5. Polo Club de Plaisance (+10)
Pauline Bousquie (+1)
Sandrine Dubois-Bousquie (+3)
Kelly Vielle (+3)
Lea Amar (+3)
6. Body Minute (+11)
Sally Marchal (+1)
Olga Santo Alvarez (0)
Caroline Anier (+6)
Jessica Bailley (+4)
7. Esprit Diablesse du Maryland (+11)
Gabriela Turk (+1)
Sandrine Gontier (+3)
Laetitia Guillemin (+2)
Lesley-Ann Fong-Yee (+5)
8. Polo Club de Luxembourg (+8)
Clothilde Ludorf (+1)
Marie-Jeanne Kapweiller (+1)
Marie-Pascale Reynes (+1)
Hannah Henderson (+5)

The Standings Open de France „Kamelis Marrakesch Polo Resort“:
1. Body Minute (+16)
Jean-Christophe David (0)
Edouard Pan (+4)
Tomas Reinoso (+5)
James Beim (+7)
2. In the Wings (+16)
André Fabre (0)
Florent Garaud (+2)
Christopher Mc Kenzy (+5)
Pancho Bensadon (+9)

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