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La Quinta General Levalle carry off the trophy

Winners of the 2013 Open de France at the Polo Club de Chantilly are Facundo Fernández Llorente (+4), Alexandre Sztarkman (+1), Darío Musso (+7) and Edouard Pan (+4) of team La Quinta General Levalle. In the final they defeated Uwe Schröder (0), Tomás Garbarini (+4), Eduardo Anca (+6) and Gastón Máiquez (+6) of team Tom Tailor by 8-6. Six teams competed against each other from September 6th to 21st at the French polo club.

At about the same time the 2nd Open de France Féminin Chopard with seven female teams took place from September 10th to 21st at the Polo Club de Chantilly. Hana Grill (+3), Gaelle Gosset (+1), Hazel Jackson (+7) and Anna Kates-Davis (+1) of team Why Not won by a narrow margin against Tom Tailor, 4-3. The ladies of team Body Minute were placed third after defeating AR Aesthetics by 5-4. Among the participants also was Eva Brühl (+6), the best German female player, who saddled for Douglas Team.

The teams:
Open de France 2013
Marquard Media (+16)
Tommy Rinderknecht (0)
Martín Aguerre (+5)
Jota Chavanne (+5)
Gonzalo García del Río (+6)
La Quinta General Levalle (+16)
Facundo Fernández Llorente (+4)
Alexandre Sztarkman (+1)
Darío Musso (+7)
Edouard Pan (+4)
Tom Tailor (+16)
Uwe Schröder (0)
Tomás Garbarini (+4)
Eduardo Anca (+6)
Gastón Máiquez (+6)
Sainte-Mesme (+16)
Robert Strom (+3)
Rodrigo Rueda (+6)
Clemente Zavaleta (+6)
Birger Strom (+1)
Equipe de France (+15)
Florent Garuad (+2)
Thibault Guillemin (+3)
Pierre-Henri N’Goumou (+5)
Brieuc Rigaux (+5)
Lebeau-Courally (+16)
Ian Gallienne (0)
Cristian Bernal (+6)
Juan Ambroggio (+7)
Ignacio Tejerina (+3)

Open de France Féminin Chopard
Tom Tailor – Centre Porsche Roissy (+12)
Lavinia Fabre (+1)
Naomi Schröder (+2)
Tahne Schröder (+1)
Lia Salvo (+8)
Mode I B (+12)
Gabriella Turk (+1)
Laetitia Guillemin (+2)
Sandrine Gontier (+3)
Alexandra Jacobs (+4)
Douglas Team (+12)
Nicky Sen (+1)
Barbara Huber-Royer (+3)
Brenda de Boer (+2)
Eva Brühl (+6)
Why Not (+12)
Hana Grill (+3)
Gaele Gosset (+1)
Hazel Jackson (+7)
Anna Kates Davis (+1)
AR Aesthetics (+12)
Anne-Marie Cavanagh (0)
Aurora Eastwood (+3)
Tamara Fox (+5)
Lucy Taylor (+4) (+12)
Emmanuelle Morandi (+1)
Elodie Vigoureux (+1)
Erica Gandomcar (+4)
Caroline Anier (+6)
Hecla (+11)
Emma Boers (+2)
Clare Dorally (+4)
Louise Mayer (+4)
Fredericka Dodge-Tellier (+1)

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