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Vicomte A and Tom Tailor successful in Chantilly

From 6th to 21st September six teams with team handicaps up to +16 fought at the Open de France in the Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly for the victory. In the final, the teams Vicomte A and Sainte-Mesme faced.

After a initial lead of Sainte-Mesme, Vicomte A took the lead in the fourth chukker for the first time. In the fifth chukker they extended the lead. But Sainte-Mesme did not give up, fought back and in the end of the chukker the score was a tie by 9-9. The decision had to come by golden goal in an extra chukker. Edouard Pan (+4) was the first one, who scored between the posts. So his team Vicomte A with Alexandre Sztarkman (+1), Facundo Fernandez-Llorente (+4), Dario Mussi (+7) and Edouard Pan (+4) went from the field as the winner of the Open de France 2014.

Birger Strom (+1), Brieuc Rigaux (+5), Clemento Zavaletta (+6) and Robert Strom (+4) of Sainte-Mesme were placed second.

Award ceremony Open de France Féminin 2014
The winners of the Open de France Féminin 2014: Tahnee Schröder (+1), Naomi Schröder (+2), Charlene Goudkuil (+1) and Hazel Jackson (+8) of Tom Tailor Polo Team. (© Pascal Renauldon / RB Presse)

Also, the Open de France Féminin were played in Chantilly for the third time. Four teams started from 17th to 21st September. Without a defeat Naomi Schröder (+2), Tahnee Schröder (+1), Charlene Goudkuil (+1) and Hazel Jackson (+8) of team Tom Tailor Polo made it to the final. And even in the final their rival, team Hecla Nipas, had no chance. By 6-0 Tom Tailor swept their rivals off the field and thus secured the trophy.

The small final between the teams Charriol and Espirit dy Maryland was decided by a penalty shoot-out because of the bad weather conditions. Charriol won by 3-2.

Ranking Open de France:
1. Vicomte A (+16)

Alexandre Sztarkman (+1)
Facundo Fernandez-Llorente (+4)
Dario Mussi (+7)
Edouard Pan (+4)

2. Sainte-Mesme (+16)
Birger Strom (+1)
Brieuc Rigaux (+5)
Clemento Zavaletta (+6)
Robert Strom (+4)

3. Silex (+16)
Richard Fagan (+1)
Santi Cernadas (+6)
Nacho Gonzalez (+6)
Ali Paterson (+3)

4. Tom Tailor Polo Team (+16)
Uwe Schröder (0)
Martin Inchauspe (+6)
Felipe Martinez Ferrario (+4)
Gaston Maiquez (+6)

5. Creed (+15)
Matias Amaya (+5)
Steve Rigby (0)
Tomas Ruiz Guinazu (+6)
Tomas Iriarte (+4)

6. Edrees Polo Team (+16)
Sultan Edrees (0)
Jota Chavanne (+5)
Gonzalo Garcia del Rio (+6)
Pierre Henri N’Goumou (+5)

Ranking Open de France Féminin:
1. Tom Tailor Polo Team (+12)

Naomi Schröder (+2)
Tahnee Schröder (+1)
Charlene Goudkuil (+1)
Hazel Jackson (+8)

2. Hecla Nipas (+10)
Fredericka Dodge Tellier (+1)
Savine Kloot Meijburg (+4)
Annita van der Hoeven / Chloé Sebban (+1)
Siobbhan Herbst (+4)

3. Charriol (+9)
Marie-Victoire de Coulange (0)
Caroline Anier (+6)
Emmanuelle Morandi (+1)
Emma Boers (+2)

4. Esprit du Maryland (+11)
Gabriella Turk (+1)
Laetitia Guillemin (+2)
Héliose Lorentzen (+5)
Charlotte Garaud (+3)

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