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Open de Gassin 2011

The Open de Gassin has already started on the 13th of July. The tournament is placed at the Polo Club Saint-Tropez de Gassin. Ten international teams are trying to win the tournament within nearly two weeks. Following the postponement of Tuesday’s, July 19th, because of heavy rain, the action continued on Wednesday, the 20th. After some fascinating chukkas the team Marquard Media defeated team F Polo with 9:7. At the second match of the day team Saint-Tropez has been successful against Antelope with 7 1,5:5. The final in High Goal takes place at the 24th of July. Until then there will be matches every day.
Also four international teams in Medium Goal are fighting since the 15th of July. The final will take place at the 23th of July in the grounds of Saint-Tropez. The matches in Medium Goal are played in two parts. The team Los Blancos Polo already won the first part.

The Teams / High Goal:
Gruppe A
Easy Polo (+14, CH)
Julian de Luzareta (+5)
Bautista Ortiz de Urbina (+5)
Agustín Martinez (+4)
Philipp Maeder (0)
SEZZ (+15, GB)
Sahé Kalaidjian (0)
Marcelo Amadeo (+5)
Tomas Lalor (+6)
Ignacio Garrahan (+4)
Techno Polo (+14, F)
Ignacio Tillous (+6)
Santiago Irastorza (+4)
Pierre-Henri N’Goumou (+4)
Franck Dubarry (0)
Villaa Sesta (+15, IT)
Ricardo Tattoni (0)
Eduardo Menendez (+7)
Francisco Menendez (+7)
Gualtiero Giori (+1)
Wasabi (+15, MC)
Santiago Zubiaurre (+4)
Guillermo Willington (+7)
Pablo Lllorente (+4)
Karen Brink (0)
Gruppe B
Antelope (+15, USA)
Caroline Anier (+2)
Fernando Reynot-Blanco (+6)
Martin Garrahan (+7)
Geoffrey Palmer (0)
Château d’Aulne (+14, F)
Clemente Zavaleta (+6)
Mariano Uranga (+6)
Alexis Pouille (+2)
Jean-Marc Tyberg (0)
Marquard Media la Victoria (+15, D)
Thomas Rinderknecht (0)
Martin Aguerre (+5)
Matias Benoit (+5)
Santiago Marambio (+5)
Saint-Tropez (+14, D)
Francisco Irastorza (+7)
Edouard Pan (+3)
Clément Delfosse (+4)
Corinne Schuler (0)

The Teams / Medium Goal:
Los Blancos Polo (+5, CH)
Fabian Bolanterio (+3)
Federico Español (+3)
Werner Meier (0)
Fabio Meier (-1)
Haras de Gros Bec (+6, GB)
Ernesto Trotz (+4)
Cesar Fredi (+3)
Dean Clark (0)
Stéphane Darracq/ Jorge Soto (-1)
La Campana (+5, CH)
Francisco Irastorza (+7)
Kristian Petersson (0)
Viktor Petersson (-1)
Lucas Petersson (-1)
Gerald-Isa (+6, F, USA)
Fernando Reynot-Blanco (+6)
Lucas (+1)
Nikita Maslov (-1)
Dany Yoshi (0)

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