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Dark Ice wins at Saint-Tropez

The victory of the 2013 Open du Soleil at the Polo Club Saint-Tropez goes to Dark Ice. On the last matchday of the tournament, Helen Goddard-Watts (-1), Louis Jarrige (0), Bautista Ortiz De Urbina (+6) and Juan Martín García Laborde (+5) of team Dark Ice encountered Jonathan Rothermere (0), Vere Harmsworth (0), Felipe Llorente (+3) and Joaquín Pittaluga (+7) of team Ferne Park and defeated them by a narrow margin, 6-5. Both teams fought till the last minute in order to take the trophy home.
Team Paprec won against Sezz by 8-5 and was placed third, Villa a Sesta defeated Los Blancos by 7-4,5 and had to settle for the fifth place. The Open du Soleil are one of the last tournaments in this season’s calendar of Polo Club Saint-Tropez. Before the winter break starts, the Polo Gold Cup will take place from September 5th to 15th. Four teams with a handicap from +8 to +12 will participate in the tournament.

The standings:
1. Dark Ice (+10)
Helen Goddard-Watts (-1)
Louis Jarrige (0)
Bautista Ortiz De Urbina (+6)
Juan Martín García Laborde (+5)
2. Ferne Park (+10)
Jonathan Rothermere (0)
Vere Harmsworth (0)
Felipe Llorente (+3)
Joaquín Pittaluga (+7)
3. Paprec (+10)
Claude Solarz (0)
Charles-Henri Le Galle (+2)
Pablo Sirvent (+3)
Manuel Carranza (+5)
4. Sezz (+10)
Shahé Kalaidjian (0)
Adrien Le Gallo (+2)
Gregorio López (+3)
Marcelo Amadeo y Videla (+5)
5. Villa a Sesta (+7)
Gualtiero Giori (+1)
Nikita Maslov (-1)
Eduardo Menéndez (+7)
6. Los Blancos (+9)
Werner Meier (0)
Piero Dillier (0)
Fabián Bolanterio (+3)
Horacio Etcheverry (+6)

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