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La María Polo

In Buenos Aires, when it comes to the practice of polo, you can find beautiful estancias with top-notch polo coaches that, in a few days, can teach someone who has never ridden a horse before, to play their first chukker, and fall in love with polo.

The estancia La María Polo is located in Lobos, Buenos Aires, which is one of the best towns in this Argentinian province to learn how to play polo. Down route 41, and just 45 minutes away from the international Airport, this estancia has three polo fields, and a fourth one being constructed, a swimming pool for a refreshing dive after practices under the sun, and a beautiful natural park.

His owner, Sergio Velez, says that what differentiates La María from other estancias is that the hosting is done by himself, to ensure a friendly, warm and familiar environment; and because their main goal is to make friends and enable all those who want to learn and enjoy polo, regardless their status, but focusing on their values and how they feel about this sport, „We are very pleased that polo is becoming more and more popular every day, La María targets everyone from established polo players to beginners, so thanks to the increase of the popularity of polo, we can keep working on optimizing our facilities, as well as keeping the best quality standards on our services“.

With nearly a hundred horses on its stables, which enables them to find the right horse for every polo student, La María ensures the beginner and the polo player a complete training: polo lessons, stick and ball, riding lessons focusing on your swing and positioning, and some chukkas to end the day. „We choose our coaches according to their game capabilities and the capacity to transmit all the concepts of polo“ owner Sergio Velez points out „We teach in a gradual way, helped by very docile horses, according to the riding level of the person“.

Whoever wishes to stay at La María, will get a tailor-made training solution that will suit one perfectly. They are open for advising, coaching, guiding and sharing experiences to make the stay very enjoyable. You will never be a client at La María, but a friend, as Mr. Velez again outlines. So in conclusion, customized training, friendly atmosphere, perfect hosts and let us not forget their invitation for a traditional Argentinian asado. La María certainly has everything to please all tastes.
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