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Bravo Team Fipa Group!

Head sponsor Fipa Group, international expert for exclusive yachts, and its team consisting of Matteo Beffa (-1), Cedric Schweri (0) from Switzerland and the Argentine professional player Martin Riglos (+4) won by 7-4 against team Coci. From the beginning, the Swiss/Argentine team took the lead over team Coci including Luca Evangelista d’Orazio (+1), Fabrizio Bulgarini (+2) and Filippo Breccia (0) of Polo Club Rom.

In the second chukka, team Coci keep up with Bulgarini scoring, 4-5. But Fipa Group made clear that they wanted to be the winners, and the score ended with a definite 7-4, in Italy this is called “Vittoria schiacciante”. Team captain Matteo Beffa: “We have played here for the first time and are totally thrilled about this fantastic location. We have met many great people we want to invite to our tournaments at Legacy Polo Club in Switzerland. We already look forward to coming back next year to defend our title and to assist in turning this tournament into one of the big and exciting events in the European calendar of events.”

Team Park Hotel Villa Ariston, including Stefano Pisa di Monterosa (+1), Therence Cusmano (+2) and Davide Nanni (+1), shared third place with team Dr. Vranjes, consisting of team captain Massimo Elser (+1), his German wife Tessa Fahlbusch (-1) and the great Argentinian player Marcos Antinori (+4). Massimo is currently establishing a new polo club close to Rome.

Polo Beach Cup Versilia Tuscany 2014 – A spectacular beach polo event in front of the historic and picturesque backdrop of Tuscany at Park Hotel Villa Ariston. This traditional hotel, including huge premises with a large garden, and its friendly manager Paolo Ferrero made this tournament a pleasant experience for the spectators.

For this edition, Rudolph Berglehner of head sponsor Fipa Group decided on changing the location from Viareggio to Lido di Camaiore and to the Park Hotel Villa Ariston. The lodging for the guests was first class, as well as the lodging for the horses, which were accommodated at the stables of the estate. The beach polo field was build with meticulous precision by the company Coci and located directly across the street at the broad beach of Lido di Camaiore.

Fipa Group presented its exclusive yachts in the background – a most impressive panorama. The event manager, Dr. Patrizia Lencioni and her team made possible to bring the sixth edition of the Polo Beach Cup Versilia Tuscany on short notice to Lido di Camaiore. Dr. Patrizia Lencioni feels certain that this location is more elegant, relaxed and friendly. The commentator Gianluca Magini of Roma Polo Club also agrees with this. He has played at the tournament during its first three years in Viareggio and after that took over the moderation of the event. Gianluca has been playing polo for several decades and by now his sixteen years old son is also playing polo. “We have experienced very exciting chukkers here, specially on Sunday. Fantastic polo, the new field is much better, the relocation really paid off.” The umpire of the Beach Polo Cup also is no stranger to the Italian polo scene. Franco Paizze was the first polo player of Italy and had a handicap of +5 in his day. Even today he is an active player in Rome. Official Supplier of the tournament was La Martina, international market leader in the sport of polo, whose European headquarters are located in Chiasso, Switzerland.

The Fipa Group invited the guests to a visitation of two of their yachts lying at anchor at the port of Viareggio and a ride with these vessels. There you can also find the production facilities of the Fipa Group, which is one of the most exclusive manufacturers of luxury yachts. Rudolph Berglehner, Fipa Group: “We are very glad about the victory of our team with the two Swiss players Matteo and Cedric and our professional Martin Riglos and about a totally successful polo event. The feedback was fantastic and we have seen that the new location is perfect.”

1st Team Fipa Group (+3)
Matteo Beffa (-1)
Cedric Schweri (0)
Martin Riglos (+4)

2nd Team Coci (+3)
Luca Evangelista D’Orazio (+1)
Fabrizio Bulgarini (+2)
Filippo Breccia (0)

3rd Team Park Hotel Villa Ariston (+4)
Stefano Pisa di Monterosa (+1)
Therence Cusmano (+2)
Davide Nanni (+1)

3rd Team Dr. Vranjes (+4)
Massimo Elser (+1)
Tessa Fahlbusch (-1)
Marcos Antinori (+4)

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