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Open de Gassin

From July 18 to 28, the Open de Gassin will take place at the Polo Club Saint-Tropez. The teams with international top-players are split into two groups. Five teams with a handicap from +12 to +15 will meet in the first group and fight for the victory. In the second group, twelve teams with a handicap from +4 to +6 will compete against each other. Both final matches will be held on July 28.

The teams:
+12 to +15-goals
Antelope (+15)
Marcelo Amadeo y Videla (+5)
Martin Zegers (+6)
Edouard Pan (+4)
Geoffrey Palmer (0)
F Polo Team (+14)
Fabio Meier (-1)
Matias Nigoul (+4)
Justin Gaunt (+4)
Pablo Jauretche (+7)
John Taylor Monte Carlo Polo Team (+15)
Rommy Gianni (+1)
Facundo Fernandez Llorente (+4)
Dario Musso (+7)
Martin Joaquin (+3)
Villa A Sesta (+15)
Ricardo Tattoni (0)
Gualtiero Giori (+1)
Francisco Menendez (+7)
Eduardo Menendez (+7)
Saint-Tropez (+15)
Corinne Schuler (0)
Santiago Zubiaurre (+4)
Bautista Oritz de Urbina (+6)
J.M. Garcia Laborde (+5)
+4 to +6-goals
Alter Ego Polo Team (+4)
Davide Dondena (-1)
Renato Bolongaro (0)
Paolo Santambrogio (+2)
Fernando Rivera (+3)
Atlantico Polo Team (+6)
Gonzalo Mendoza (0)
Davor Luksic (0)
Jaime Restrepo (+3)
Juan Pepa (+3)
Axus (+6)
Brian Xu (0)
Diego Gomez (+3)
Julian Sagarna (+3)
Stéphane Darracq (0)
Dark Ice (+6)
Helen Goddard-Watts (0)
Constant Jacquot (0)
Adrien Le Gallo (+1)
J.M. Garcia Laborde (+5)
Douglas Wallerstein (+6)
Nicky Sen (-1)
Carl-Eugen zu Oettingen-Wallerstein (0)
Patricio Gaynor (+4)
Agustin Kronhaus (+3)
La Campana (+6)
Lucas Petersson (-1)
Kristian Petersson (0)
Bautista Oritz de Urbina (+6)
Alexis Morange (+1)
La Palmeraie (+6)
Edouard Guerrand-Hermes (0)
Mani Boni (+1)
Tuky Caivano (+3)
Alejandro Aznar (+2)
Lion’s Polo Team (+6)
Pierre Beylat (0)
Federico Riege (0)
Marcelo Pizzorno (+1)
S. Novillo Astrada (+5)
Los Blancos (+6)
Lucas Meier (-1)
Werner Meier (0)
Simon Crotto (+4)
Fabian Bolanterio (+3)
Sezz Polo Team (+6)
Shahé Kalaidjian (0)
Louis Jarrige (0)
Marcelo Amadeo y Videla (+5)
Dorian Bulteau (+1)

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