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Maserati & Polo: United Horsepower

For more than 100 years, Maserati ranks among the world’s leading sports car manufacturers. Hardly any other brand combines tradition and innovation in such an emotional way as Maserati does regarding its automobiles: Vehicles that represent elegance and exclusiveness, but also performance and sportive handling. However, Maserati does not only look back proudly at its 100-year history, but also looks ahead enthusiastically. With a great demand worldwide and specific plans for the upcoming years the company is better positioned than ever before.

Horsepower has always been part of the DNA of the luxury brand, that’s for sure. This is why the international sport of polo is the perfect platform for Maserati to meet its enthusiastic audience at eye level. In the future Maserati will also give proof of its passion for horsepower, dynamic and elegance at the polo tournaments on Sylt. For both the beach polo tournament on Pentecost (Julius Bär Beach Polo World Cup Sylt) as well as the polo tournament on grass in the summer (Berenberg German Polo Masters) Maserati has signed a three-year contract with the organisers.

Stephanie “Kiki” Schneider, organiser of both long-standing polo events on Germany’s most popular island: “We are very glad that we were able to engage Maserati as a long-term partner, who is familiar with the international charisma and power of the sport of polo for many years and reflects this itself as a brand. In cooperation with this long-established company we will create unforgettable polo tournaments with a great atmosphere and excite a fantastic audience. This also includes a new and innovative concept of the event. Most of all I look forward to the double anniversary edition of both tournaments: 20 years ago my father Jo Schneider launched the German Polo Masters and 10 years ago I was allowed to organise the beach polo tournament in cooperation with the tourism service of Hörnum for the first time. By now both tournaments are firmly established in the event calendar of Sylt and rank among the biggest tournaments in Europe.”

The sustainable course of growth of Maserati also came to fruition in the summer of 2016: The combination of traditional brand values with newest technologies as well as highest quality standards makes the vehicles of the sports car manufacturer more attractive than ever before – on a global scale, but also in regard to the market in Germany in particular. In the first half of 2016 the number of registrations increased by 17 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and thereby twice as much as the total market. From January until the end of June 2016, 682 vehicles of Maserati were put in circulation in Germany. Furthermore a new generation of sports car is currently being developed, which will take over a lot from the celebrated Concept Car Alfieri.

Dates of both anniversary tournaments on Sylt:

10th Julius Bär Beach Polo World Cup Sylt: 3-4 June 2017 in Hörnum
20th Berenberg German Polo Masters: 2-6 August 2017 in Keitum

About the Julius Bär Beach Polo World Cup Sylt
During the past years the Julius Bär Beach Polo World Cup Sylt at the eastern coast of Hörnum has become one of the most popular events and a real crowd puller, attracting more than 10,000 spectators. In 2011 Julius Bär assumed the title sponsorship for the first time – and this year the Julius Bär Europe AG with its chairman of the executive board Heiko Schlag is once again in on it.

About the Berenberg German Polo Masters Sylt
In 1998, Jo Schneider initiated the German Polo Masters in Keitum on Sylt. Since then the event has been developing continuously further continuously and is today one of the finest tournaments in Europe. It is the unique combination of international top-class sport, trendy lifestyle event and the distinctive summer atmosphere on Sylt, what makes the German Polo Masters a unique experience. There is no other place where the audience is so heartily and enthusiastic engrossed in the matches as in Keitum.

Further information about Polo Club Sylt:

Further information about Maserati:

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