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Polo De Deauville 2011

The Polo de Deauville Silver Cup already started on the 30th of July in Deauville and is ending on the 14th of August. Seven teams with goals from 12 up to 14 are fighting against each other.
Team Blackstorm with Jean-Marc Tyberg, Clemente Zavaleta, Robert Archibald and Martin Joaquin already won the first match against team Royal Barriere with Stanislas Clavel, Pierre-Henri Ngoumou, Francisco Bensadon and André Fabre with 11:10. The second match took place on sunday, 31rd of July where team Talandracas with Edouard Carmignac, Hugues Carmignac, Lucas Monteverde and Facundo Sola fought sucessfully with a 11:10,5 against team Hormeta with Jean-Christophe David, Tomas Reinosos, Luke Tomlinson and Edouard Pan. In the second match team Polo de Deauville fougth against team Mungo with 11:8. Blackstorm won against Hormeta with 14:12 the next day. Yesterday team Royal Barriere fought with 8:5 against team Paprec with Claude Solarz, Pablo Sirvent, Mariano Uranga and Matthieus Delfosse. In the second fulminant match of the day, team Blackstorm lost against team Hormeta with 12:14.
Today the next match is sheduled at Team Polo de Deauville with François de Nicolay, Juan Ambroggio, Dario Musso and Alexandre Sztarkman fights against team Blackstorm.
The Teams:
Group 1
Hormeta (+14):
Jean-Christophe David (0)
Tomas Reinoso (+4)
Luke Tomlinson (+7)
Edouard Pan (+3)
Polo de Deauville (+14):
François de Nicolay (0)
Juan Ambroggio (+6)
Dario Musso (+7)
Alexandre Sztarkman (+1)
Royal Barriere (+14):
Stanislas Clavel (+2)
Pierre-Henri Ngoumou (+4)
Francisco Bensadon (+8)
André Fabre (0)
Group 2
Blackstorm (+14):
Jean-Marc Tyberg (0)
Clemente Zavaleta (+6)
Robert Archibald (+6)
Martin Joaquin (+2)
Talandracas (+15):
Edouard Carmignac (0)
Hugues Carmignac (0)
Lucas Monteverde (+8)
Facundo Sola (+7)
Paprec (+14):
Claude Solarz (0)
Pablo Sirvent (+4)
Mariano Uranga (+6)
Matthieus Delfosse (+4)
Mungo (+14):
Patrick Eisenchteter (+1)
Thibault Guillemin (+3)
Gonzalo von Wernich (+7)
Gaëtan Gosse (+3)

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