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Polo EC at Maspe cancelled

The European Polo Championship that should take place from the 7th to the 16th of September 2012 at Maspe/Langenhagen was cancelled. According to the statement of the Lower Saxony Polo Club, the organizing host of the European Polo Championship, financial reasons were the crucial factor. The Lowe Saxony Polo Club follows therefore the Polo Park Zürich canceling the European Polo Championship in the beginning of the year for similar reasons.

Wolfgang Kailing, president of the club: “I was fascinated by the chance of bringing the European Polo Championship to Hanover/Langenhagen after sceneries like Paris, Rome and Vienna. I underestimated the bad pre-conditions caused by passed budgets that caused negative publicity after sponsoring and corruption affairs last year already.

Actually an European Polo Championship adds up 150% to the costs of an normal event for horse accommodations for 200 horses, 40 players with company, tournament officials and horse keepers. The honorary engagement of or club members was immense for this special event. Even our temporary second game field at the A 352 only prepared for this event is in avery good condition. We are sorry to cancel the European Polo Championship in spite of the ideally and materially support of many polo friends and enterprises. A bitter disappointment for all persons concerned!“
After the FIP and the German Polo Association heard of the canceling of Polo Park Zürich over the press, the German Polo Association was informed over the canceling by Wolfgang Kailing yesterday already. Shortly afterwards the Lower Saxony Polo Club published a note on its webpage. An official message for the press is planned for today.
Dr. Günther Kiesel (GPA): “Wolfgang Kailing made the decision to bring the European Championship to Hanover with lots of enthusiasm for polo for which I admire him. The financial requirements of an event of this size are enormous and not manageable in such an short amount of time. Facing the framing conditions it seemed unbelievable engaged to me, to try to organize the European Championship in this short time – Polo Park Zürich had two years of preparation and failed. Considering the regulations of the Polo World Association the host pays for the accommodations of horses, players, grooms and officials. The FIP collects starting fees of the teams and sets referees and tournament management – that´s all. The host is responsible for everything else. It does not pay off in this way, we need a different solution of the FIP. The German Polo Association has only restricted capital out of the membership fees, that can only be used to support the German National Team – according to the regulations. I have full appreciation for the decision of Wolfgang Kailing and admire his enthusiasm and courage.“
Peter Kienast, team captain of the German European Polo Championship team and club member of the Lower Saxony Polo Club e.V.: “The canceling is really bitter. I was looking forward for the tournament! It was one of my big goals to play for Germany one time – and this right in front of my door. Additionally the circumstance that we would have set up a totally new German team. So far it has always been an similar circle representing Germany on the polo field. The requirements of FIP and the involved costs were just to high for the host. As explained by Wolfgang Kailing the search for sponsors has been really difficult. It was also anything but easy to get noteworthy budgets. Small was also the support of GPA and of the polo scene – the European Polo Championship would have been a really good promotion for the sport!“

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