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Home team wins in Melbourne

The third Polo in the City event of the 2014 National Polo League took place in Melbourne. Home team Melbourne (Land Rover), including Lucas Rogers, Jake Daniels, Ed Matthies and Sam Baillieu, defeated Rob Abbott, Nick Myer, Dirk Gould and Niall Donnelly of team Sydney (Pol Roger) in a sudden death penalty shootout. This means that Melbourne leads the National Polo League ladder after winning two matches, followed by Brisbane, which has won once.

In the Pro-Am Challenge CGU, consisting of Ed Mandie, James Thomas, Luke O’Leary and Dan O’Leary, won against Brett Burns, Janek Gazecki, Will Gilmore and Mark Lillyman of team Stella Artois by 7-6.

Next matches of Polo in the City: On 6th December 2014 in Perth at Langley Park and on 12th December 2014 in Adelaide at Victoria Park.

About Polo in the City:
Nine years ago ‘Polo in the City’ started in Sydney, and subsequently spread across all state capital cities on the Australian mainland (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth). It is played in a reduced field of 140m x 55m to make the game faster and more attractive to the spectators. Subsequent to that ‘Polo by the Sea’ was commenced which is now played on the Gold Coast (QLD) and Palm Beach (NSW), also on the smaller field with modified rules. This format of polo subsequently became known as Urban Polo, which is now administered by the Urban Polo Association Limited.

Within the Urban Polo format, the National Polo League was developed, which comprises of ‘City’ based teams playing against each other. Each team plays twice against different teams (one home game and one away), and they receive two points for a win, one point for a draw and zero points for a loss.

The teams:
Pro-Am Challenge

Ed Mandie
James Thomas
Luke O’Leary
Dan O’Leary

Stella Artois

Brett Burns
Janek Gazecki
Will Gilmore
Mark Lillyman

National Polo League

Rob Abbott
Nick Myer
Dirk Gould
Niall Donnelly

Lucas Rogers
Jake Daniels
Ed Matthies
Sam Baillieu

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