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Domburg Polo Trophy 2013

From July 25 to 28, seven teams competed for the 2013 Domburg Polo Trophy. Team Noorderlicht Nipas with Annita van der Hoeven (0), Niels van der Hoeven (-1), Luis Duggan (+5) and Victorino Ruiz (+2) won the coveted trophy. Team Domburg Delicious was placed second and team Kyboe QM / was placed third.
The tournament was held at the Polo Club Domburg in the south of the Netherlands, near the sea. It was hosted by the van der Kloot Meijburg family and the event took place under sunny skies. The polo players came from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Argentina and New Zealand.

The standings:
1. Noorderlicht Nipas (+6)
Annita van der Hoeven (0)
Niels van der Hoeven (-1)
Luis Duggan (+5)
Victorino Ruiz (+2)
2. Domburg Delicious (+6)
Anthony Smet (-1)
Annemarie van der Pas (-1)
David Bernal (+6)
Daniel Elosegui (+2)
3. Kyboe QM / (+6)
Philip vd Kloot Meijburg (+1)
Jim Souren (+1)
Miki Lagos (+4)
Savine vd Kloot Meijburg (0)
4. Mezger Lodges Domburg (+5)
Pieter Vansyghel (-1)
Manu Maes (0)
Gonchi Bernal (+3)
Bernardo Barreta (+3)
5. La Llovizna (+6)
Estelle Wagner (-1)
Yves Wagner (0)
Patrick Maleitzke (+3)
Frederico Rooney (+4)
6. Theodoor Gilissen (+5)
Melanie/Willem Immink (-1)
Annemieke Goos (-1)
Robert Watson (+5)
Juan Medina (+2)
7. Berkshire HV Polo (+6)
Maarten Hulsman (0)
Quirinus vd Kloot Meijburg (0)
Nick Grooss jr. (+3)
Guillermo MacLaughlin (+3)

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