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“I would like to keep playing polo for a long time”

The son of The Duke of Marlborough, George is a talented player of the game. He also comes to this ambassadorial programme with an enviable polo pedigree as he is related to one of the sport’s most famous players: Sir Winston Churchill. It was Churchill who originally said that “a polo handicap is a passport to the world”.

George has been playing polo since a young age and is a former captain of the Harrow School Polo Team. In fact it was through La Martina’s association with this leading public school, via its role as official supplier to the Harrow School Polo Team, that George first became acquainted with this highly regarded brand. His success with this leading school team also led to a call up to play for Young England too.

POLO+10 had the chance to interview George during the 2014 Argentine Open, where all the La Martina Ambassadors were invited by the brand to participate in the 1st Global Brand Ambassador’s meeting, that was held at La Aguada Polo Club in Open Door, Argentina.

POLO+10: You were born into a very well known family that obviously has been involved in polo for a long time, but how did you find that you loved the sport?
George Spencer Churchill: My family has always been into horses, so from hunting and riding, I sort of progressed to polo. I started playing at school, and then when I left school I kept on playing some club polo, in Cirencester where I play today.

POLO+10: Which would you say were the most important things you learnt at Harrow that helped you become a polo player?
GSC: When I was at Harrow we had very good players in the team for example Jack Richardson (+6), and we were very competitive trying to win tournaments and progress in our personal games, too.

POLO+10: We know La Martina had been following you since Harrow, but how did your relationship with the brand develop until now that you have become an ambassador?
GSC: I started with La Martina a year ago, they wanted someone that could expand their network. So they chose me as I play in Cirencester, which is a different side of UK polo, more relaxed while the polo is still very good. I hope I can help the brand and make the sport progress through the brand. Last year, for example, La Martina participated for the first time in the Jerudong Trophy in Cirencester, which is a very important date of our club’s calendar, because the Princes William and Harry play to raise funds for their charities.

POLO+10: What does it mean to be a La Martina Ambassador? How do you carry out this duty?
GSC: It is obviously very nice, and it heightens your reputation in polo, plus, they have great technical equipment so I like being a representative for such a good brand. This year, I have been chosen to be the face of La Martina’s technical equipment. We did the photo shoot just before the match, it was great fun.

POLO+10: Your very famous ancestor, Sir Winston Churchill, said, perhaps, the most known quote about polo. Which were your favourite places this “passport to the world” has taken you?
GSC: Last week I was in Mexico for a great polo event, but I am mainly focused on the UK. There is polo everywhere, so I hope that passport starts taking me elsewhere. I came to Buenos Aires invited by La Martina and they are already planning trips to new polo destinations for me, such as Dubai.

POLO+10: What are your plans for the future?
GSC: I would like to improve my game and keep playing polo for a long time. I would also like to keep on growing in my role as a La Martina Brand Ambassador. I think we are going to be very busy this year with the opening of new flagship store in London, which aims to be the centre of the world polo scene in the heart of London.

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