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Step in a new era

On the past weekend a new era has begun for POLO+10. The first tournament of the POLO+10 World Tour in Ibiza has exceeded all expectations. Top polo, a brilliant atmosphere and a few unforgettable days on the sunny island with fantastic hosts. As good as it could be.

The POLO+10 World Tour takes its participants to the most beautiful and exotic polo destinations around the globe. Often this is a unique opportunity for the players to play at their dream destination once. The whole idea is as simple as it is charming: The players register for the tour and book their flight, POLO+10 takes care of everything else.

Standing ovations for the 1st POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup at the Polo Club Ibiza, which was won by Francesca Nill (NZ, 0), Andrea Rocca (ITA, 0), Sébastien Le Page (FRA, 0) und Gabriel Iglesias (ARG, +2) of team POLO+10 after defeating team ME Hotel Ibiza by 5-4. In an exciting and balanced final match, at first team POLO+10 took the lead by 2-0. Harriet Styles (UK, 0), Lucia Nocioni (ARG, 0), Gabriel Eckenstein (CH, 0) and Tim Ward (UK, +3) of team ME Hotel Ibiza caught up and in the third chukka levelled the match, 3-3. But in the end, Gabriel Iglesias and his team prevailed and won the match.

Gabriel Iglesias has played as an international polo professional for years and by establishing the Ibiza Polo Club has built up a dreamlike destination in the heart of the sunny island. “We are glad and proud to be the first station of the POLO+10 World Tour and will continue to host tournaments of the tour here in Ibiza.” Polo professional and coach Tim Ward: “This was a sensational weekend, we had so much fun. I look forward to participate in one of the tour’s tournaments soon.”

Team Hierbas de Ibiza with Katriona Shrives (UK, 0), Paolo Carullo (ITA, 0) Roman Fortunato (ARG, 0) and Julio Rinaldi (ARG, +2) finished up third place and won the Ibiza Polo Cup after defeating team Ibiza Polo Club with Angela Walker (UK, 0), Thomas Wirth (GER, 0), Jan-Erik Franck (UK, +1) and Eduardo Fontana (ITA, +1) by a narrow 3-2.

Great polo with real fun factor, an exclusive players party at the villa of Francesca and Dr. Tandy Nill, chilling at the pool with the polo mates and an unforgettable beach farewell, including the world famous sunset of Ibiza. Thanks to Ibiza for this inauguration. Next Friday the tour continues in Morocco. The POLO+10 World Tour will stop off at the PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club, owned by Patrick Guerrand-Hermès. Following a summer break the tour proceeds in autumn with new destinations.

The following link leads to our gallery on Facebook which can also be looked at without a Facebook account: → POLO+10 Patron’s Cup Ibiza


POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup

#1 POLO+10 (+2)
Francesca Guise (0, NZ)
Andrea Rocca (0, ITA)
Sébastien Le Page (0, FRA)
Gabriel Iglesias (+2, ARG)

#2 ME Ibiza (+3)
Harriet Styles (0, UK)
Gabriel Eckenstein (0, CH)
Tim Ward (+3, UK)
Lucia Nocioni (0, ARG)

Ibiza Polo Cup

#3 Hierbas de Ibiza (+2)
Roman Fortunato (0, ARG)
Katriona Shrives (0, UK)
Brian Reynolds (0, UK)
Julio Rinaldi (+2, ARG)

#4 Ibiza Polo Club (+2)
Edoardo Fontana (+1, ITA)
Jan-Erik Franck (+1, UK)
Thomas Wirth (0, GER)
Angela Walker (0, UK)

Progression: Final for the POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup

1st Chukka
ME Hotel Ibiza vs. POLO+10 – 0-2

2nd Chukka
ME Hotel Ibiza vs. POLO+10 – 2-2

3rd Chukka
ME Hotel Ibiza vs. POLO+10 – 3-3

4th Chukka
ME Hotel Ibiza vs. POLO+10 – 4-5

Progression: Subsidiary Final for the Ibiza Polo Cup

1st Chukka
Hierbas de Ibiza vs. Ibiza Polo Club – 1-2

2nd Chukka
Hierbas de Ibiza vs. Ibiza Polo Club – 1-2

3rd Chukka
Hierbas de Ibiza vs. Ibiza Polo Club – 2-2

4th Chukka
Hierbas de Ibiza vs. Ibiza Polo Club – 3-2

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