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Sébastien Le Page leads ranking of the POLO+10 World Tour

Two wonderful events have already taken place as part of the POLO+10 World Tour. We have received a very positive feedback and are glad about the huge interest in the tour. Full of anticipation we look forward to the upcoming tournaments in Mongolia, China, India, Argentina and Mexico.

At the POLO+10 World Tour the fun for the players has priority, but the teams also compete for the POLO+10 WORLD TOUR TROPHY. Subsequent to the first two tournaments in Ibiza and Morocco we now present you the current ranking of the tour.

At each event the players can gather points according to their placing. Each player of the winning team gains 100 points, the runners-up receive 75 points each, for third place 55 points are given to each player and the fourth-placed players get 40 points each. The points of all tournaments are summarized and this way result in the total score of the player and thereby his or her placing in the ranking.

The ranking is updated after each event and at the end of the tour the overall winner is ascertained, who receives the POLO+10 WORLD TOUR TROPHY. Additionally there will be many prizes and surprises, such as helmets, boots, coaching with famous polo players and polo coaches, and much more. Let yourself be surprised!

Currently Sébastien Le Page of Polo Park & Country Club Zürich leads the ranking with 175 points. He has won the tournament in Ibiza and in Morocco he was placed second with his team – thus it doesn’t always have to be a victory to be at the top of the ranking. The reward for his effort: A polo training with Pablo Mac Donough in Chantilly as part of Richard Mille’s private polo clinics, which he just received from us.

By the way: Currently all tournaments of the POLO+10 World Tour are played on a low goal level. We are continuously working on developing the tournaments further and are planning to integrate medium and high goal events in the future as well. There’s still a lot ahead of us.

Ranking POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Ibiza 2016
For a larger view, click on the image. (© POLO+10, Images: © Robert W. Kranz /
Ranking POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Morocco 2016
For a larger view, click on the image. (© POLO+10, Images: © Robert W. Kranz /
Ranking POLO+10 World Tour 2016
For a larger view, click on the image. (© POLO+10, Images: © Robert W. Kranz /

Upcoming tournament dates

1. Mongolia / International Genghis Khan Polo Club / 24-27 August 2016
2. Spain / Ibiza Polo Club / 22-26 September 2016
3. China / Beijing Sunny Times Polo Club / 12-17 October 2016
4. Morocco / Marrakech Polo Club / 4-6 November 2016
5. India / Jodhpur Polo Club / 24-28 November 2016
6. Argentina / Argentina Polo Academy, Pilar / 5-9 December 2016
7. Mexico / Costa Careyes Polo Club / 17-26 February 2017
8. Argentina / La Tarde Polo Club, Pilar / 2-5 March 2017
9. China / Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club / 18-22 May 2017

The POLO+10 World Tour
takes its participants to the most beautiful and exotic polo destinations of the world. In collaboration with the most prestigious polo clubs, POLO+10 is organising this exclusive tournament series around the globe. The whole idea is as simple as it is charming: The players register for the tour and book their flights – POLO+10 organises everything else.

Due to close collaboration with various clubs and the international polo scene, POLO+10 gets opportunities to participate with its own polo team at selected polo tournaments all around the world. Whether low-, medium- or high-goal-events, POLO+10 opens for our members new dimensions of being part of great polo experiences.

Only 12 places per tournament are available. Reserve now for your favourite destinations of the POLO+10 World Tour.
Contact to apply and reserve and find further information on

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