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All Asia Cup 2014

After last year’s successful première, the All Asia Cup will take place for the second time from 9-18 January 2014, led by the newly appointed TPA President, Mr Kanoksakdi Bhinsaeng. Eight teams have announced their participation in this year’s tournament. As was the case last time, India, China and Mongolia, as well as defending champion Thailand, will take part. Furthermore, Brunei, Indonesia, Korea and the Philippines will also be coming to the VR Sports Club and the Siam Polo Park in Bangkok.
As the first All Asia Cup was very well received worldwide, the second edition awaits an increased international visibility. On Saturday, 18 January 2014, the final will be played under the lights and promises to become an outstanding event and social spectacle.
Since its inaugural event in 2012, the All Asia Cup has built up a reputation as a fair and transparent tournament. In 2014, the English Senior HPA umpires will once again ensure fair play according to HPA rules. The system of assigning the polo ponies has proved to be particularly successful. The ponies are organised by the Thailand Polo Association and are evenly distributed to all participating teams. There will be a horse draw monitored by a Senior HPA umpire.
The All Asia Cup takes place every two years and is organised by the Thailand Polo Association. The Thailand Polo Association was founded by Mr Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha in August 1998 and in January 2004 it was established as the Thailand Polo Association under the Sports Authority of Thailand. From the very beginning, the Thailand Polo Association has supported and organised tournaments in
Thailand and supports local players to international contests.

The teams:
Thailand (+4)
Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha (+1)
Apichet Srivaddhanaprabha (+1)
Natthapong Pratumlee (+2)
Thanasin Chuawangkham (0)
Satid Wongkraso (0)
Brunei (+1)
Prince Qawi (0)
Pengiran Ali (0)
HRH Prince Jefri Bolkiah (0)
Prince Bahar (+1)
China (0)
Liu Shilai (+1)
Liu Nan (0)
Norman Penk (-1)
Huo Gang (0)
India (+7)
Shyam Mehta (+1)
Shikhar Pahariya (+2)
Abhimanyu Pathak (+4)
Om Singh (0)
Indonesia (+3)
Novel Momongan (+1)
Acep Krisnandar (+1)
Billy Lumintang (+1)
Glendy Bujungs (0)
Korea (+1)
JB Lee (+1)
Rock Lee (0)
Rocky Lee (0)
James Lee (0)
David Ko (0)
Mongolia (-2)
Ich Tenger (0)
Bilguun Buyanjargal (0)
D’Artagnan (0)
Rentsensharav Oldokh (-2)
Dolgorsuren Bat-Oyun
Altangadas Tserendorj (0)
Philippines (+2)
Michael Romero (0)
Alexander Vecinal (+1)
Antonio Veloso (+1)
Gerry Asahan (0)

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