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POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup at the PGH Palmeraie Polo Club in Morocco

The polo club of Patrick Guerrand-Hermès was host to the second station of the POLO+10 World Tour, which took the participants to the north of Morocco. An unforgettable polo adventure right next to the Atlantic Ocean and in the open countryside. Across the beautiful landscape close to Tangier, via sand pistes and across mountains and valleys, past donkeys and herds of goats you get down to the club’s three excellent polo fields and the newly-built club house. Welcome to the polo paradise!

For three days the international participants of the POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Morocco played for victory. Exciting and fast-paced chukkas, enthusiastic players and excellent horses made a go of the polo weekend in Morocco. The guests of POLO+10 were accommodated at the private villa of Patrick Guerrand-Hermès, where breakfast, lunch, the Players’ Beach Party as well as a great Welcome Dinner were held.

First place of the POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Morocco went to Team Marrakech Polo Club, including Martin Magal (0, SLK), Natalia and Christoph K. (-2/, AUT) as well as the Argentine 4-goaler Pablo Casero. The match was fast and competitive. In the end, the winning team was successful against Team POLO+10, which consisted of Sébastien Le Page (0, FRA), Anne Pascale Guedon (-1, FRA), Ignacio Tejerina (+3, ARG) as well as Vera Kubick and Thomas Wirth (-2, GER) sharing one position, by a narrow 4-3.

In the match for third place Team Voltex won by a large margin of 5-1 against Team PGH Palmeraie Polo Club. Starting in the third chukka, Samy Jebabli (-2, FRA), Martin Gueritot (-2, SLK), Philip Chan (0, UAE) and Mariano Lopez (+1, ARG) began to put their opponents under pressure and continued to express their lead. Jean Paul Reshuan (-1, ECU), Raymon Rafool (-1, USA), Antonio Parra (-1, ECU) and Slava Guerrand-Hermès (-1, FRA), the grandson of Patrick, tried to get the game under control again and again, but in the end could not catch up.

Slava Guerrand-Hermès and Ignacio “Nacho” Tejerina, manager of the PGH Palmeraie Polo Club, agree: “The POLO+10 World Tour has brought an excellent tournament to Morocco featuring players from eight different nations. We saw great polo and had a lot of fun at this unique location, it really was something special. We really look forward to welcome the POLO+10 World Tour here again in the next year.”

The POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Morocco was the second station of the POLO+10 World Tour. One week before the tournament series had started successfully with the POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Ibiza at Ibiza Polo Club:
→ Report about the POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Ibiza

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About the POLO+10 World Tour
In collaboration with the most prestigious polo clubs around the world, POLO+10 is organising an exclusive tournament series around the globe. The POLO+10 World Tour offers you a unique combination of playing and coaching, party atmosphere and holiday feeling. Polo at its best and 100% fun for the players is guaranteed. POLO+10 will take care of the entire organisation, all services as well as the polo ponies and grooms are included. Outward and return flight have to be paid by the players themselves. Four to six teams will participate in each tournament. The applications will be registered by us according to the principle “First come, first served”. Full teams as well as individual players can register for one or more tournaments.

Tournament dates in 2016 / 2017
* 7-9 October 2016 – Polo Club Chantilly, Paris / France
* 12-17 October 2016 – Beijing Sunny Times Polo Club / China
* 10-19 November 2016 – Costa Careyes Polo Club / Mexico
* 25-28 November 2016 – Jodhpur Polo Club / India
* 5-9 December 2016 – Argentina Polo Academy / Pilar, Argentina
* 6-16 January 2017 – Caribbean Tour
* 2-5 March 2017 – La Tarde Polo Club / Pilar, Argentina
* 18-22 May 2017 – Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club / China

#1 Team Marrakech Polo Club (0)
Martin Magal (0, SLK)
Natalia K. (-2, AUT)
Christoph K. (0, AUT)
Pablo Casero (+2, ARG)

#2 Team POLO+10 (0)
Sébastien Le Page (0, FRA)
Anne Pascale Guedon (-1, FRA)
Ignacio Tejerina (+3, ARG)
Vera Kubick / Thomas Wirth (-2, GER)

#3 Team Voltex (-3)
Samy Jebabli (-2, FRA)
Martin Gueritot (-2, SLK)
Philip Chan (0, UAE)
Mariano Lopez (+1, ARG)

#4 Team PGH Palmeraie Polo Club (-4)
Jean Paul Reshuan (-1, ECU)
Raymon Rafool (-1, USA)
Antonio Parra (-1, ECU)
Slava Guerrand-Hermès (-1, FRA)

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