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Premiere: La Posta Cup 2014

From 28th to 30th November, the La Posta Cup took place for the first time at the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club. Four teams participated in the tournament: Adamas, Hong Kong, Maple Leaf and Paisano.

On the first match day, Paisano won against Hong Kong and Maple Leaf defeated Adamas. The semi-finals took place on Saturday, with Adamas roaring into the final by defeating Paisano, while Maple Leaf beat Hong Kong. The final, to be played between Adamas and Maple Leaf was, unfortunately, delayed due to inclement weather and had to be postponed. A new date is not fixed yet, but will be announced soon.

The La Posta Cup was held for the first time in Argentina in 1973, then being played up to 14 goals. Santiago “Santi” Bachmann, the 36-year-old Thai Polo & Equestrian Club manager and senior resident veterinary surgeon, brought the tournament from his home country Argentina to Thailand. His father was president of the club for a time as well. With this cup, Bachmann wants to say thank you to club owners Harald Link and Nunthinee Tanner and he had the original trophy, which has all previous winners engraved on it, brought from Argentina by plane. The winners of the Thai La Posta Cup will be eternalized on the trophy as well.

Since 1973, the La Posta Cup has been held eight times in Argentina.
Here are the previous winners:

1973: Angel Cavanagh, N. Matienzo, Pedro Cavanagh, Enrique Kennie
1974: La Posta Team – Jaime Bouquet, Guillermo Bachmann, J. Bouquet Junior, Enrique Kenny
1976: La Posta Team – A. Quiroga (+1), G. Bachmann (+2), Horacio Brave (+3), Jaime Bouquet (+3)
1978: Venado Tuerto Team – Fernando del Valle (+1), Carlos Brave (+1), Pedro Cavanagh (+4), Bernardo Cavanagh (+4)
1983: La Posta – Federico Bachmann (0), Fragueiro (+1), G. Bachmann (+4), Eduardo Huergo (+4)
1985: “EL 43” – Eduardo Oneto Gaona (+2), P. Rooney (+1), J. Bouquet (+2), B. Cavanagh (+6)
1986: La Posta – J. Fernandez Moreno h. (+1), F. Bachmann (+1), J. Fernandez Moreno P (+4) , G. Bachmann (+4)
1988: C. Cavanagh (+1), A. Huergo (+3), L. Urbina (6+), A. Cavanagh (+4)

The teams of the La Posta Cup 2014:
Maple Leaf (+4)

Claudia Zeisberger (0)
Julian Sagarna (+3)
Everest Munro (0)
Santiago Bachmann (+1)

Adamas (+4)
Paul Cheung (+1)
Damian Marcos (+2)
Jean Louis Graindorge (-1)
Pierre Jauretche (+2)

Paisano Dragons Team (+4)
Ronnie Lim (0)
Nicolas Pieroni (+4)
David Diaz (+1)
Andy Harrison (-1)

Hong Kong (+2)
Aron Harilela (+1)
Kwan Lo (-1)
Patrick Furlong (+2)
Raphael Le Masne (0)

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