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Victory for team Franken

In brilliant sunshine, gripping and emotionally charged games of the Princess Delia Cup took place last weekend on Castle Wallerstein. The hosts, Prince and Princess to Oettingen-Wallerstein had invited to this weekend in Wallerstein, to compete for a cup in honor the of late Princess Delia Oettingen-Wallerstein.

At the end of the Team Franken prevailed with Reinhold Hofmann, Yoanna Otto, Bernhard Schurzmann, and Nacho Garrahan, who excelled with spectacular goals, just due to goal difference. Second place was the team Wallerstein with the hosts, as well as Tom Small and Ed Olof, skillfully leading his team on a strong Tomlinson horses. The third place went to the Team “Bad Boys” from Bad Bentheim led by Mathieu van Delden. The teams were extremely balanced and so the winner was decided only after points and goal difference at the last second. Until then, three teams had the opportunity to gain the victory and accordingly vigorously fought for each goal.

In the evening, a magnificent asado-evening in the princely Castle Park took place for all players, grooms and guests. In the Orangerie Wallerstein beer was enjoyed at the fire under a mild starlit sky, discussing games, horses and team structures and

One of the most exciting games on the final Sunday was the game between the Bad Boys and Wallerstein. An open, fast, and very emotionally charged game in which the lead changed several times, but in the end Team Wallerstein just managed to stay half a goal ahead against the guests from Bad Bentheim. However, the taste of victory didn’t last long since the many goals of Yoanna Otto (Team Franken) in the previous game put her team ahead of Wallerstein by on a goal difference of one.

“It was a really fascinating game for the enthusiastic audience” so the hostess Princess Anna to Oettingen-Wallerstein, “the game against the Bad Boys, who were the first time in Wallerstein, was great fun. It was quick, open and very hard, but such games make you excel. It’s of course more fun, if you then can decide such a game at the end.”she adds with a smile.

Prince Carl-Eugen has initiated the tournament in memory of his 2012 late grandmother, Princess Delia, born Countess von Stauffenberg, and donated a bronze statue with the image of a young rider and a horse that he visibly stirred presented the winners. “My grandmother was a thoroughly passionate horse woman, time of her life” tells Prince Carl-Eugen. “At a young age, she rode all disciplines – apart of polo – and was later engaged in horse racing passionatly for decades. With over 90 years she still studied stud-books and followed horse racing on pay-tv on a daily basis and still bred.” The Princess was also the supporting patron – along with riding legend Hans-Günter Winkler – and driving force of the prestigious „Scharlachrennen“ CSI** * Nördlingen. Thus leading international riders and breeder were regular guests in Wallerstein.

When Prince Carl-Eugen and Princess Anna brought polo to Wallerstein their grandmother was overjoyed that she again had horses around in the Castle Park. “She told me that she never thought she would ever live to see me on the back of horse, let alone at that speed ” Prince Carl-Eugen tells. “However, she always stressed, that she didn’t like the looks of our small ponies, most of which are chestnuts. Polo ponies simply did not correspond to her ideal of beauty” remembers the host with a grin.

Yoanna Otto nominated as MVP by commentator Jan Kiesel.
Best playing pony was the mare “Reina Maria” von Bernd Schurzmann, played von Nacho Garrahan.

The standings:
1. Team Franken (+3)

Yoanna Otto (-1)
Bernhard Schurzmann (0)
Nacho Garrahan (+4)
Reinhold Hofmann (0)

2. Team Wallerstein (+3)
Abba Oettingen-Wallerstein (-1)
Carl-Eugen Oettingen-Wallerstein (0)
Ed Olof (+3)
Tom Small (+1)

3. Team Bad Boys (+4)
Niklas Steinle (-2)
Dr. Robert Heurmann (+1)
Mathieu van Delden (0)
Cristobal Durrieu (+4)

4. Team San Patricion (0)
Antonia Fichtner (-2)
Elya Duissemaliyeva (-1)
Christian Bornmann (-1)
Patricio Gaynor (+4)

[nggallery id=369] For more pictures please visit the Facebook gallery by Jacques von Tessenberg (© – Irina Terne)
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