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Puente de Hierro: Five stars stables and polo fields

Puente de Hierro is the perfect place to host your polo team. The facilities do not only hold three polo fields, but also stables and housing for two polo teams. Usually, during high season, the best polo teams taking part of the International Land Rover Polo Tournament in the summer always dispute their places to enjoy these state-of-the-art facilities.

The site has three fields of a size of 320 x 138 metres. Fields I and II are usually utilized for medium and low handicap games from the Summer International Tournament, as for other tournaments of this level during winter and spring. The third field is usually a practice field.

The stables built by Santa María Polo Club beside the field III of the playing area of Puente de Hierro were inaugurated in July 2010. The stables have two central buildings with two floors of 313 square metres, for grooms, professionals and employers, fully furnished and ready to host your assistants. They even have two meeting rooms for the team managers, tastefully decorated and furnished. To complement this structure, there are two building blocks on each side consisting of 40 stalls each, with 80 boxes in total, of 3.50 metres x 3.50 metres per box.

A second part of this project is expected to expand this facilities to two more modules, with 40 stalls each one of them, having a future capacity of 160 boxes, for four polo teams. The boxes are open type with folding front doors of the german trade Röwer & Rüb. They are equipped with feeders and automatic drinkers for the horses. The side porches allow horses and grooms to move all around the stables. Strategically placed at the building, there is a wide area for blacksmith works. Each module has its mallet room, large and equipped with everything you need.

Exercise track area for horses: In the central area of a large space among the stables there has been located a training horses area (Vareo Zone). Here the horse training and work is always made in a perfect and special conditioned surface.

The total area is 6,500 square metres. Besides, it is projected to build a new training track, the grounds of this area will have authomatized surface control, humidity control, and will be a mixture of silica sands which ensures that it will not get compact. This mixture of sands stays flexible, and helps the training, making it easier.

Moreover, the entire area of the boxes and vareo track has a video surveillance system connected to the communication network, allowing viewing and control by the security personnel.

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