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Polo action in Barbados!

The 2015 Barbados Polo Season is in full swing! Following behind the Barbados Polo Club, Apes Hill is jumping in to full swing with its first major tour of the year. The Roger Gooding Memorial Trophy starts on the 17th February at Apes Hill Club. The Roger Gooding is an annual 6-goal tour that takes place at Apes Hill in the memory of Roger Gooding, a close family friend of Sir Charles Williams and the rest of the Williams clan. Not only was he a fantastic polo player, he was an amazing father, friend and husband. The team favourites for this year are ICBL and Apes Hill Polo Black.

The teams:
Apes Hill Polo White (+6)

Sir Charles Williams (0)
Jamie Dickson (+3)
Marc Atwell (+2)
Oliver Williams (+1)

Apes Hill Polo Black (+6)
Stephen Williams (+1)
Pablo Crespin (+3)
Jeff Evelyn (+2)
Philip Atwell (0)

ICBL (+6)
Teddy Williams (+3)
Danny Atwell (+3)
Richard Gooding (+2)
Camilla Williams (-2)

Silver Point (+6)
Stewart Gill (0)
Damian Luke (0)
Oliver Taylor (+4)
Adam Deane (+2)

Lion Castle (+5)
Alex Cole (+1)
Rhys Odle (+1)
Luis Clerice (+1)
Carlos San Roman (+2)

Clifton (+6)
Bruce Bayley (+1)
Cristian Chavez (+4)
Lucas Nicolao (+2)
Josh Archer (-1)

Range Rover (+6)
Phil Tempro (+2)
Federico Rooney (+4)
Harry Manning (+1)
Jason O’Selmo (-1)

Match Dates:
Tuesday, 17th February at Apes Hill Polo Club
Thursday, 19th February at Holders Polo Club
Saturday, 21st February at Apes Hill Polo Club
Tuesday, 24th February at Lion Castle Polo Club
Thursday, 26th February at Apes Hill Polo Club
Saturday, 28th February at Apes Hill Polo Club (Final) followed by the Harbour Lights Beach Polo Party!!!

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