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Audi Polo Gold Cup 2013

From June 24th to 29th the fight for the 2013 Audi Polo Cup will take place at the Roma Polo Club. Ten teams will give their best to get hold of the trophy. Due to the high number of the participants from June 22nd to 23rd four matches will be held beforehand at the polo club “La Ginevra”, a few kilometres north of Rome Polo Club.

The Teams:
Audi Polo Team (+10)
Ginevra D’Orazio (0)
Luca D’Orazio (+1)
Juan Cruz Greguoli (+4)
Martin Inchauspe (+5)
U.S. Polo Assn. (+10)
Stefania Annunziata (0)
Juan Gonzales (+4)
Ignacio Del Tour (+4)
Edoardo Ferrari (+2)
Roma Polo Club (+10)
Aldo D’Andria (0)
Therence Cusmano (+2)
Juan Curbelo (+6)
Fabrizio Bulgarini (+2)
Club dei Circoli Sportivi Storici (+9)
Francesco Palestrini (0)
Stefano Ottaviani (+2)
Goffredo Cutinelli R. (+3)
Josè Ortiz (+4)
R.C.C. Tevere Remo / Sporting Club Eur (+9)
Edoardo Fontana (0)
Salvador Jauretche (+2)
Andreas James (+5)
Vittorio Cutinell Rendina (+2)
Circolo Della Caccia (+10)
Francesco Baggio (0)
Peter Elser (+1)
Marcos Antinori (+4)
Pedro F. Llorente (+5)
Pony Club Roma (+10)
Davide Nanni (0)
Sebastian Bernadez (+1)
Horacio Etcheverry (+6)
Juan Martin Gerstle (+3)
C.C. Aniene / C.C. Roma (+10)
Fabio Acampora (0)
Miguel Amieva (+4)
Juan Ruiz Guinazù (+5)
Hannes Huehnlein (+1)
C.C. Tirrenia Todaro / C.T. Eur (+10)
Piero Dillier (0)
Paulo Netzsch (+1)
Lucas Labat (+6)
Fabian Andres Bolanterio (+3)
C.T.C. Parioli / C.C. Lazio (+9)
Antonia Matella (0)
Alexander Hauttmann (0)
Joaquin Maiquez (+6)
Patrcicio Rattagan (+3)

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