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Team Audi wins by golden goal

In the final of the 2013 Roma Summer Polo Ginevra D’Orazio (0), Luca D’Orazio (+1), Juan Cruz Greguoli (+4) and Martin Inchauspe (+5) of team Audi Polo won by 9-8 against team C.C. Aniene / C.C. Roma with Fabio Acampora (0), Miguel Amieva (+4), Juan Ruiz Guinazù (+5) and Hannes Hühnlein (+1). The match was decided by the over time chukker with the golden goal scored by Juan Cruz Greguoli. Team C.C. Tirrenia Todaro / C.T. Eur was placed third.
Ten teams with a handicap from +8 to +10 met at the Roma Polo Club. The tournament Roma Summer Polo is the second part of the Audi Polo Gold Cup, a series of tournaments. The next and final step of the Audi Polo Gold Cup will take place from September 10th to the 15th in Milan at the Milano Polo Club.
Luca D’Orazio, captain of the Audi Polo team: “It has been a tough one, the Germans played well during the tournament. I have played several times with Hannes Hühnlein because he has spent more than a month in Rome, his horses were stabled in my polo club, La Ginevra. The renovated polo pitch of the Roma Polo Club is a fantastic stage.”
Special guest Dr. Richard Caleel, President of the Federation of International Polo (FIP): “I’m really proud to be in Rome for Audi Gold Cup. I like Italy very much, in the past I have played in Rome, Milan and Monte Argentario. I’m positively impressed by the number of the teams and the perfect organisation of the tournament. The Roma Polo Club has excellent facilities and the polo school is doing an important work to promote polo with the young players. My best congratulations to the Roma Polo Club, in the person of its president Aldo D’Andria, and to Maurizio Zuliani and Claudio Giorgiutti, organizers of the Audi Polo Gold Cup”.

The teams:
Audi Polo Team (+10)
Ginevra D’Orazio (0)
Luca D’Orazio (+1)
Juan Cruz Greguoli (+4)
Martin Inchauspe (+5)
U.S. Polo Assn. (+10)
Stefania Annunziata (0)
Juan Gonzales (+4)
Ignacio Del Tour (+4)
Edoardo Ferrari (+2)
Roma Polo Club (+10)
Aldo D’Andria (0)
Therence Cusmano (+2)
Juan Curbelo (+6)
Fabrizio Bulgarini (+2)
Club dei Circoli Sportivi Storici (+9)
Francesco Palestrini (0)
Stefano Ottaviani (+2)
Goffredo Cutinelli R. (+3)
Josè Ortiz (+4)
R.C.C. Tevere Remo / Sporting Club Eur (+9)
Edoardo Fontana (0)
Salvador Jauretche (+2)
Andreas James (+5)
Vittorio Cutinell Rendina (+2)
Circolo Della Caccia (+10)
Francesco Baggio (0)
Peter Elser (+1)
Marcos Antinori (+4)
Pedro F. Llorente (+5)
Pony Club Roma (+10)
Davide Nanni (0)
Sebastian Bernadez (+1)
Horacio Etcheverry (+6)
Juan Martin Gerstle (+3)
C.C. Aniene / C.C. Roma (+10)
Fabio Acampora (0)
Miguel Amieva (+4)
Juan Ruiz Guinazù (+5)
Hannes Huehnlein (+1)
C.C. Tirrenia Todaro / C.T. Eur (+10)
Piero Dillier (0)
Paulo Netzsch (+1)
Lucas Labat (+6)
Fabian Andres Bolanterio (+3)
C.T.C. Parioli / C.C. Lazio (+9)
Antonia Matella (0)
Alexander Hauttmann (0)
Joaquin Maiquez (+6)
Patrcicio Rattagan (+3)

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