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Opening Match Arena Gold Cup

Today the Arena Gold Cup kicked off at the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club in England. In the opening match, Team Picazo Polo Stud, including Estelle Wagner (+1), Patrick Maleitzke (+5) and Eduardo Anca (+7), encountered Team Gaucho, consisting of Faisal Al-Rifai (+3), Harold Hodges (+5) and Adolfo Casabal (+7).

Right from the start, both teams presented a fast-paced match to the spectators. Due to their lower team handicap, Team Picazo Polo Stud received four goals in advance. At the end of the first chukka, the team of Patrick Maleitzke, who just as his team mates Estelle Wagner and Eduardo Anca participated in the tournament for the first time, led by 8-6. But in the second chukka their opponent Team Gaucho narrowed the margin and in the third chukka the team caught up to a 15-15 draw.

Team Picazo Polo Stud bounced back and moved up a gear, with the result that the team regained the lead at the end of the third chukka, 21-17. In addition to the great performance by Patrick Maleitzke and Eduardo Anca, Estelle Wagner showed her skills, first playing with restraint, but during the course of the match playing stronger and stronger. Following the final shrill of the chukka bell, the threesome of Team Picazo Polo Stud left the field by winning the match with a result of 24-21.

Commentator and polo coach Jan-Erik Franck: “A huge compliment to Team Picazo Polo Stud. Here at the tournament Patrick Maleitzke has met his match. If the team continues to play like that, it will go far in this tournament.”

Tomorrow the teams Four Quarters Orange and 12 Chops will compete against each other. The final matches will take place on Saturday, 27 February. POLO+10 is close to the action and reports for you about the matches of the Arena Gold Cup!

Sifani (+15)

Hilali Noorden (+1)
Nico san Roman (+4)
Chris Hyde (+10)

Gaucho (+15)
Faisal Al-Rifai (+3)
Harold Hodges (+5)
Adolfo Casabal (+7)

12 Chops (+15)
Charlie Wooldridge (+3)
Roddy Williams (+6)
Jamie Morrison (+6)

Four Quarters Orange (+15)
Simon Arber (+1)
Richard Le Poer (+7)
Jack Richardson (+7)

Regal Eclipse (+15)
Raph Singh (+3)
Alec Banner-Eve (+4)
Johnny Good (+8)

Picazo Polo Stud (+13)
Estelle Wagner (+1)
Patrick Maleitzke (+5)
Eduardo Anca (+7)

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