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Team Land Rover wins in Moscow

Alexis Rodzianko (-1), Misha Rodzianko (+2), Egor Zaostrovtsev (0) and Alejandro Traverso (+5) of team Land Rover are the winners of the Russian Open 2012. Team Moscow Polo Club with Hernan Traverso (+4), David Geovanis (+1), Pavel Isaev (0), Evgeni Ovcharov (0), Raya Sidorenko (-1) and Igor Menshenin (-1) had to surrender after six thrilling chukkas and scored therefore on the second place.
But, the title favorites of team Land Rover had a weak start. Thanks to brilliant moves and a fast horse “Rocket” Herman Traverso (+4) brought his team Moscow Polo Club to a 3:1 lead in the first chukka. But at the end of the second chukka team Land Rover turned the game and overtook the lead with a 4:3. Even the third chukka was dominated by team Land Rover: two brilliant goals of Alexis Rodzianko (+2) and two safely converted penalties of Alejandro Traverso (+5).

In the second half of the game team Land Rover was not able to keep the lead up firstly. Seemingly in trance they watched how team Moscow Polo Club overtook and ended the fifth chukka with a 11:10. Therefore, the last chukka was really thrilling. Thanks to fantastic goals of Egor Zaostrovtsev (0) and Misha Rodziank0 (+2) team Land Rover finally saved the victory with a 13:10.
The 7th Russian Open took place at the Moscow Polo Club on the 25th of August 2012. For the first time in the history of the most important polo tournament in Russia the final match was fought over six chukka. Most valuable player became Hernan Traverso (+4) scoring six goals for his team. Best playing pony became Monja (Alexis Rodzianko).

1. Land Rover
Alexis Rodzianko (-1)
Misha Rodzianko (+2)
Egor Zaostrovtsev (0)
Alejandro Traverso (+5)
2. Moscow Polo Club
Hernan Traverso (+4)
David Geovanis (+1)
Pavel Isaev (0)
Evgeni Ovcharov (0)
Raya Sidorenko (-1)
Igor Menshenin (-1)

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