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Russian Open declared a draw between Land Rover and Ahmad Tea

Sunday 29th August 2010 saw the Finals of the Russian Polo Open, held at the Moscow Polo Club in Tseleevo, 45 kms from Moscow.
Sponsored by Land Rover, Beluga Vodka and Ahmad Tea, the event was hampered by torrential rain, which followed the devastating fires that had threatened both Moscow city and the polo tournament in the preceding weeks. However, the polo field drained well enough on Saturday night to allow for an entertaining day of play.
A round-robin tournament was held between the three teams; the matches were hotly contested and surprisingly fast, given the adverse conditions. Luckily, no one fell and all players and horses left the field safe and sound.
Land Rover tied Ahmad Tea 1-1, Land Rover then defeated Beluga 2-1, and Ahmad Tea did the same defeating Beluga 2-1.

Ahmad Tea (+4)
Alejandro Traverso (+5)
Polina Nazarova (0)
Dmitri Chebotarev (-1)
Evgeniy Ovcharov (0)
Land Rover (+3)
Hernan Traverso (+4)
David Geovanis (+1)
Olga Grishina (-1)
Egor Zaostrovtsev (-1)
Beluga’s Vodka (+3)
Celestino Rivero (+3)
Misha Rodzianko (+1)
Anastasia Rodzianko (0)
Alexis Rodzianko (-1)

A courageous crowd braved the mud and rain to cheer on the teams, and then enjoyed refreshing cocktails after the matches.
The event was later featured on Russia’s national sports channel its evening sports report.

Misha Rodzianko on a homegrown purebred Akhal Teke Mare „Yamira“  Egor Zaostrovtsev (-1, Team Land Rover), Hernan Traverso (+4, Team Land Rover) und Polina Nazarova (0, Team Ahmad Tea)  Team line-up

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