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Sal. Oppenheim wins Gold Cup

In the final of the 2013 German Polo Masters Sylt – Sal. Oppenheim Gold Cup the teams Sal. Oppenheim and Lanson competed for the trophy. In the preliminary rounds Jo Schneider (0), Sven Schneider (+3), Tatu Gomez Romero (+4) and Valentin Novillo Astrada (+5) of team Sal. Oppenheim had already proved their desire to win and in the final match they did not cool down. As a result, Matthias Grau (0), Tim Ward (+3), Thomas Winter (+5) and Moritz Gädeke (+3) of team Lanson were defeated by the Sal. Oppenheim foursome by 7-4,5.
Due to bad ground conditions the final match was played first and the chukkers were shortened to five and a half minutes. In the subsidiary final, team Tom Tailor with Uwe Schröder (0), Martín Inchauspe (+5), Eduardo Anca (+6) and Victor Beckers (+1) won against previous year’s winner König Pilsener by 3,5-2 and was placed third. About 4,000 spectators had come to Keitum-Siidik, Sylt, to attend the last day of the tournament and to enjoy the match under sunny skies.
Stephanie Schneider, organizer of the tournament: “The last three days were the climax of a successful tournament. The international teams have presented to us polo at a high level. Due to the high temperatures the atmosphere of the summer in Sylt was ubiquitous.”

The standings:
1. Sal. Oppenheim (+12)
Jo Schneider (0)
Sven Schneider (+3)
Tatu Gomez Romero (+4)
Valentin Novillo Astrada (+5)
2. Lanson (+11)
Matthias Grau (0)
Tim Ward (+3)
Thomas Winter (+5)
Moritz Gädeke (+3)
3. Tom Tailor (+12)
Uwe Schröder (0)
Martín Inchauspe (+5)
Eduardo Anca (+6)
Victor Beckers (+1)
4. König Pilsener (+13)
Christian Grimme (0)
Lukas Sdrenka (+1)
Gastón Maíquez (+7)
Hugo Iturraspe (+5)
5. 4 Kampen Polo Team (+12)
Dr. Piero Dillier (0)
Paul Netzsch (+1)
Lucas Labat (+6)
Juan Manuel Concalles (+5)
6. König Immobilien (+11)
Naomi Schröder (0)
Christopher Winter (+3)
Santos Anca (+6)
Oliver Winter (+2)

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