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Silver Cup: The Semi-Finals are arriving

The Land Rover International Polo Tournament continues, and this weekend the strongest teams proved their skills. After the fifth day of the tournament, Valiente and Dos Lunas – Banco Espirito Santo have passed directly to the semi-final of the Silver Cup Silex, while Las Monjitas and King Power have qualified for the subsidiaries.

Las Monjitas defeated Murus Sanctus by 14-7, the Novillo Astrada brothers being the stars of the match. Following this match, Valiente defeated Dos Lunas – Banco Espirito Santo by 10-9. The Thai team King Power was the winner against the British Halcyon Gallery by 15-11. Both teams had a very compact performance, with a great harmony between all players.

Day six of the Silver Cup Silex in the 43rd Land Rover International Polo Tournament 2014 has been the most intense one until now. On Saturday August 10th, RH played against Ellerston with a positive result for Ellerston that went directly to the semi-finals. Later, Ayala Polo Team, already previously classified for the next instance, competed against La Indiana. The last match against HB and Lechuza Caracas was the surprise of the weekend, when HB won by 10-8.

Valiente team of patron Bob Jornayvaz, with polo superstar Adolfo Cambiaso as a leader, has been until now one of the two highlighted teams, and of course promises to keep that position up. James Packer’s Ellerston, with the undefeatable duo of Gonzalo and Facundo Pieres, is without a question the other most promising team. The semi-finals of the Silver Cup Silex will be played on Tuesday, 12th August, with two matches taking place: Valiente vs. Ellerston, and Ayala vs. Dos Lunas.

The matches for the second instance of the Silver Cup Casablanca of medium handicap have also been played this weekend, get the results on:

High Goal Teams:
RH (+22)

Ben Soleimani (0)
Nicolás Pieres (+9)
Facundo Sola (+8)
Santiago Von Wernich (+5)

Ellerston (+22)
Thomas Brodie (+1)
Gonzalo Pieres (+10)
Facundo Pieres (+10)
James Packer (+1)

Ayala Polo Team (+22)
Iñigo Zobel (+1)
Diego Cavanaugh (+7)
David Stirling (+10)
Iñigo Zobel (+1)

HB Polo (+21)
Ludovic Pailloncy (+1)
Ignacio Toccalino (+8)
Juan Ignacio “Pite” Merlos (+9)
Sebastien Pailloncy (+3)

Las Monjitas (+22)
Camilo Bautista (0)
Tomás Fernández-Llorente (+5)
Eduardo Novillo Astrada (+9)
Alejandro Novillo Astrada (+8)

Lechuza Caracas (+22)
Víctor Vargas (+1)
Francisco Elizalde (+7)
Juan Martín Nero (+10)
Matt Perry (+4)

Valiente (+22)
Robert Jornayvaz (+1)
Santiago Laborde (+5)
Adolfo Cambiaso (+10)
Santiago Torres (+6)

Dos Lunas Banco Espirito Santo (+22)
Luis Domecq (+3)
Pascual Sainz de Vicuña (+6)
Agustín García Grossi (+7)
Martín Iturraspe (+6)

Halcyon Gallery (+22)
Charles Hanbury (+4)
Juan Chavanne (+5)
Guillermo Terrera (+8)
Max Routledge (+5)

Royal Salute Scotch Whisky (+22)
Corine Ricard / Roger Carlson (0)
Lucas James (+8)
Jaime García Huidobro (+8)
Malcolm Borwick (+6)

La Indiana (+22)
Michael Bickford (+1)
Marcos Araya (+6)
John Paul Clarkin (+8)
Jack Baillieu (+7)

King Power (+22)
Top Srivaddhannaprabha (0)
Alejandro Muzzio (+8)
Marcos Dipaola (+8)
Martini Espain (+6)

Medium Goal Teams:
Woodchester (+12)

Craig Mckinney (+1)
Thady Duff (0)
Tomás Ruiz Guiñazu (+7)
Pelayo Berazadi (+4)

Equus (+12)
Peter Silling (0)
Juan Britos (+5)
James Beim (+7)
Hugo Lewis (0)

Silex (+12)
Richard Fagan (+1)
Juan Jose Storni (+5)
Santiago Cernadas (+6)
Felipe Serra (0)

Sapphire – Dr. “A” (+12)
Abdelrahman Abbar (0)
Maximiliano Malacalza (+4)
Tomás Pieres (+7)
Lawrence Isola (+1)

Sainte Mesme (+12)
TBA (+2)
Robert Strom (+3)
Clemente Zabaleta (+6)
Birger Strom (+1)

FCT (+12)
Roger Carlsson (0)
Mario Gómez (+4)
Michel del Carril (+7)
Sebastian Hancock (+1)

Seven Sevens (+12)
Dimitri Vozianov (0)
Tomas Garbarini (+4)
Nicolas Espain (+7)
Nikita Vozianov (+1)

El Rosario (+12)
Alejandro Peñafiel (0)
Juan Zubiaurre (+4)
Salvador Ulloa (+7)
Por confirmar (+1)

Lebeau – Courally (+12)
Ian Galliene (+1)
Ali Paterson (+3)
Cristian Bernal (+5)
Gaetan Charloux (+3)

Scapa – John Smith (+12)
Michael Redding (+1)
Juan Greguoli (+4)
Juan Losada (+6)
Gabriel Aguirre (+1)

Wild Orchid (+12)
Raya Sidorenko (0)
Santiago Tanoira (+6)
Gerardo Mazzini (+6)
Zhana Bandurko (0)

Mahra – Esperanza (+12)
Rashid Al Habtoor (0)
Patricio Neves (+4)
Guillermo Cuitiño (+6)
Kevin Korst (+2)

Leones (+12)
Petrus Fernandini (+1)
Ricky Trujillo (+3)
Guillermo Li (+5)
Ignacio Domecq (+3)

Dragones (+12)
Yago Espinosa de los Monteros (+2)
Pablo Spinacci (+6)
Diogo Gallego (+4)
Andrew Nulty (0)

Low Goal Teams:
Bayswater (+6)

Pablo Mora (+1)
Francisco G. Melero (+1)
Segundo F. Llorente (+4)
Ramón Beca (0)

Silex (+6)
Rosendo Torreguitar (0)
Álvaro Álvarez (+2)
Santiago Torreguitar / Jack Kidd (+3)
Richard Fagan (+1)

Shakib Polo (+6)
Sebastien Aguettant (0)
Mariano Iturrioz (+2)
Álvaro Ara (+4)
Kaveh Shakib (0)

Sardeñola (+6)
Daniel Entrecanales (0)
Jose Trenor (+2)
Miguel Amieva (+4)
Arturo Figar (0)

Huntsman (+6)
Aristide Faggionato (0)
Dillon Bacon (+1)
Felipe Gómez (+1)
Iván Maldonado (+4)

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