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A future for the St. Moritz winter polo tournament

The anxious question about the future of the St. Moritz winter polo tournament is answered: A mostly local team led by Engadine Reto Gaudenzi, who had launched the tournament and managed it over the course of twelve years, organizes as from 2015 the “Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz”.

The new tournament organization team includes well-known names from the Swiss polo scene: Piero Dillier, Thomas Rinderknecht, Werner Meier and Andy Küchel, together with Gaudenzi, establish the „Evviva St. Moritz Polo AG“. The shareholders stands open to a large circle of polo friends from all over the world and the reception of national and international interested persons is huge. Demand has already overtaken supply.

The promoters have already started working. Discussions with potential title sponsors go very well and the township of St. Moritz has agreed that the tournament will be hosted in the future by the new organization team. Thus, the first Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz can be announced from January 30th to February 1st, 2015.

Back to the roots
The winter tournament in St. Moritz takes on an important role: after all, snow polo was invented here over 30 years ago. “From the first days St. Moritz has always been the best winter polo tournament worldwide. We couldn’t stop thinking about the future of this sportive and social top event”, says promoter Reto Gaudenzi. “Polo friends from all over the world encouraged us to take over the St. Moritz tournament again and lead it into a safe future.”

To provide for the Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz a long-term future, the tournament has to be financed solidly, be accepted athletically as well as socially and supported by the population and the touristic services in the valley. A new and very slight management structure which, like in the early years, involves more experts from the Engadine is meant to support the rootedness of the tournament in the valley and with the local helpers.

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