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Spring Cup 2012

From the 4th to the 6th of May and from the 11th to the 13th of May the Spring Cup, the season opener in medium goal polo, will take place at the Polo Club Schloss Ebreichsdorf in Austria.
Ten teams with international players in the playing classes +4 to +6 will compete over two weekends. Among the players are: Santiago Marambio, Horacio Llorente und Joaquin Maiquez.
Karin Szivacsek from Polo Club Schloss Ebreichsdorf: “The Spring Cup will be played with ten teams, because the demand has been so high from our members and guest players. It’s a wonderful chance to put our four playing fields at Polo Club Schloss Ebreichsdorf to good use.”

The Teams:
Amadeus (+5)
Robert Kofler (+1)
Werner Graf (0)
Santiago Marambio (+5)
Koko Kofler (-1)
Schiebel (+6)
Hans Georg Schiebel (0)
Laura Schiebel/Sophia Schiebel (-1)
Tomas Maiquez (+6)
Harald Göschl (+1)
Enira (+6)
Leon Hauptmann (-1)
Renate Seidler (0)
Dante Barroso (+1)
Joaquin Maiquez (+6)
Powerhorse (+5)
Sasha Hauptmann (0)
Walter Scherb (+1)
Martin Bleier (+2)
Octavio Olmedo (+2)
Poloclub Schloss Ebreichsdorf (+3)
Richard Drasche-Wartinberg (0)
Nadine Kraus (0)
Konstantin Rhomberg (+2)
Dieter Ehart (+1)
1st Poloklub Bratislava (+6)
Peter Godanyi (+1)
Martin Magal (+1)
Ivan Weiss (+1)
Gustavo Bayugar (+3)
Cassiopeia (+5)
Robert Szücs (0)
Polina Nazarova (0)
Fernando Mino (+3)
Panayiotis Pipis (+2)
The Tides (+3)
Darek Gardener/ Jakub Cekaj (0)
Benjamin Darroux (+1)
Maciek Ziemski (-1)
Segundo Condesse (+3)
Niederweiden (+5)
Gerhard Hermann (+1)
Cornelius Grupp (0)
Raphaela Marambio (0)
Horacio Llorente (+4)
Royal Diamonds (+5)
Gabor Ronai (0)
Freddy Rifaat (0)
George Dvoracsek (+1)
Gonzalo Yanzon (+4)

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