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Season Opening at Schloss Ebreichsdorf

In May the polo season at Poloclub Schloss Ebreichsdorf traditionally starts with the Spring Cup. On the past weekend, this meant three days of exciting polo matches and six teams competing fiercely against each other.

Sunday started with the subsidiary final between team La Celina and team Volga. Felix Beguerie (+4) from tea, La Celina cut every attack of the opposing team. The match was won by La Celina and ended with a good goal difference of 10-5. In the second match the Copello’s brothers, playing for team Tagmersheim, did not give a chance to team Niederweiden. The team won by a large margin 8.5-3.

The final started with a really good played of Joaquin Maiquez (+6) of team La Fija. He was unstoppable for the first two chukkas in a combination with Benjamin Darroux (+1). Team Red Diamonds started to give their best with Eugen Sanchez (+1) in the back and Nadine Kraus (0, replacing Richard Drasche) with Helmut Wieser (-1) in front. Santiago Marambio (+6) started to control the ball in the last chukkas, but the team in the red shirts could not take the lead. The exciting final ended by 10-8 for team La Fija. Benjamin Darroux of the winning team was named Most Valuable Player, the award for fair play was presented to Helmut Wieser.

#1 Team La Fija (+6)

Paulo Kaukal (0)
Benjamin Darroux (+1)
Andy Golling (-1)
Joaquin Maiquez (+6)

#2 Team Red Diamonds (+6)
Nadine Kraus (0)
Helmut Wieser (-1)
Eugen Sanchez (+1)
Santiago C. Marambio (+6)

#3 Team Tagmersheim (+4)
Isabel Von Morgenstern (-1)
Elya Duissemaliyeva (-1)
Joaquin Copello (+3)
Segundo Copello (+3)

#4 Team Niederweiden (+6)
Dieter Ehart (+1)
Anthony Caine (0)
Gerhard Hermann (+1)
Horacio Fernandez Llorente (+4)

#5 Team La Celina (+5)
Benedikt Kerres (0)
Christoph Kerres (0)
Martin Magal (+1)
Felix Beguerie (+4)

#6 Team Volga (+5)
Renate Siedler (0)
Dante Barroso (+2)
Olga Grishina (0)
Ignacio Brunetti (+3)

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