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Start of the 10th Argentina Polo Tour

Today starts the Argentina Polo Tour in the renowned Cathedral of Polo in Palermo, Buenos Aires. Nine teams with handicaps of 14 to 16 goals will participate in the tour and, divided in three groups, fight for victory.

The Argentina Polo Tour was initiated in 2006 by the Argentinean world-class players Adolfo Cambiaso and Gonzalo Pieres and is held this year for the tenth time. In addition to Palermo, the tournament series includes three more venues: the polo clubs La Dolfina, Centauros and Ellerstina.

Admission to all tournaments is free.

The dates of the 2015 Argentina Polo Tour:
Palermo: 24/02/15 to 07/03/15
La Dolfina: 10/03/15 to 21/03/15
Centauros: 07/04/15 to 18/04/15
Ellerstina: 07.04. bis 18. 04.

The teams in Palermo:
Zone A
C. Fashion Fix (+16)

Nicolás Rosendi (0)
Camilo Moreno Crotto (+3)
Santiago Solari (+6)
Guillermo Willington (+7)

La Natividad – Balanz Capital (+16)
Bartolomé Castagnola (h) (+1)
Claudio Porcel (+1)
Martín Tassara (h) (+6)
Bartolomé Castagnola (+8)

C. SAESA San Atanasio Energy (+16)
Alejandro Metro (0)
Enrique Bauzada (+4)
Matías Benoit (+6)
Federico Von Potovsky (+6)

Zone B
C. Power Infraestructure (+16)

Miguel Mendoza (0)
Bautista Ortiz de Urbina (+5)
Valerio Zubiaurre (h) (+7)
Marcelo Amadeo (+4)

C. Amadeus (+16)
Robert Kofler (0)
Juan Zubiaurre (+4)
Gastón Máiquez (+6)
Santiago Marambio (+6)

C. Why Not (+15)
Hana Grill (0)
Julio Zavaleta (+4)
Jaime García Huidobro (+7)
Lucas Díaz Alberdi (+4)

Zone C
C. Cabreuva (+16)

Ricardo Portugal (0)
Victorio Monteverde (+4)
Martín Aguerre (h) (+6)
Carlos Farinati (+6)

C. RH Polo (+16)
Ben Soleimani (0)
Santiago Zubiaurre (+4)
Francisco Elizalde (+7)
Santiago Von Wernich (+5)

C. Puesto Viejo (+14)
Hernán Dotzel (+1)
Claudio Palomeque (+3)
Pedro Soria (+5)
Alejandro Palomeque (+5)

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