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Start of Argentina Polo Tour 2014

On February 25th, the 2014 Argentina Polo Tour starts in Palermo. Until April 19th several top class polo players will compete against each other at the ninth edition of the tournament series.
With Pablo Llorente, the President of the Argentinian Polo Players Association as a president of the Polo Tour, the tournament is played in 2014 in four locations: Palermo, La Dolfina Polo Club, Centauros Polo Club and Ellerstina. This tournament is a great opportunity for all those who want to experience high quality polo for the first time in some of the most important polo clubs in Argentina: the entrance is free.
On February 2006 the tournament series was brought into being by world-class players Adolfo Cambiaso (+10) and Gonzalo Pieres (+10). The first experience was highly positive, including high goalers as Milo Fernández Araujo, Bartolomé Castagnola, Horacio Heguy, Gonzalo Pieres, Adolfo Cambiaso, Jaime García Huidobro, Martín Garrahan, Tomás Pieres and Marcos Di Paola among others. Since its beginning the Argentina Polo Tour continues to grow and each year more and more spectators come to see the matches.

The tournaments of the Argentina Polo Tour 2014:
Tournament Date
Palermo 25.02. to 08.03.
La Dolfina 11.03. to 22.03.
Centauros 26.03. to 06.04.
Ellerstina 08.04. to 19.04.

The teams in Palermo:
Group A
RH (+16)
Ben Soleimani (0)
Alfonso Pieres (+4)
Gonzalo Von Wernich (+7)
Santiago Von Wernich (+5)
Patagones (+16)
Pablo Avalos (+1)
Gonzalo Avendaño (+2)
Ignacio Negri (+6)
Valerio Zubiaurre (+7)
Jai (+16)
Pandi Iraztorza (+4)
Santi Zubiaurre (+4)
Celine Charloux (0)
Jaime G. Huidobro (+8)
El Milagro (+16)
Federico Tomasevich (0)
Pedro Lusardi (+3)
Juan Pedro Harriet (+4)
Ignacio Novillo Astrada (+9)
Group B
Tom Tailor (+16)
Uwe Schröder (0)
Tomas Reinoso (+5)
Bautista Bayugar (+5)
Gaston Maiquez (+6)
Punta del este polo club (+16)
J.C. Adrogue (+1)
I. Alberdi (+2)
Santiago Solari (+6)
Diego Araya (+7)
La Natividad (+16)
Norberto Dabas (0)
Eulogio Olariaga (+4)
Lolo Castagnola (+9)
Ignacio Kennedy (+3)
Puesto Viejo
Hernan Dopzel (+1)
Federico Von Potobsky (+6)
Pedro Soria (+5)

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