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Start of B.Grimm Thai Polo Masters 2014

Today the B.Grimm Thai Polo Masters start at the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club. The tournament of league +6 to +8 is the third station of the new Thai Polo League.

For the beginning of the polo season 2013/2014, the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club has launched a new tournament series for the first time. The Thai Polo League consists of four tournaments in the league +6 to +8 and complements the established RMPA National League in Malaysia, which will be held outside the Thai Polo season in March and April.

The Copa Republica Argentina in December was the start for the first Thai Polo League. A total of four teams started this tournament. After five hard-fought days, the team Macau / Maple Leaf revealed as favorite. Both professionals, Pedro Fernandez Llorente (+5) and Manu Cereceda (+3), accorded perfectly like they had already been playing together for years. Also the patron Rodrigo Castro (0) showed great commitment and in the last two games he shot eight goals by himself. Rightfully he got the award as “Most Valuable Player” for his outstanding performance.

In the final, the opponent of Macau / Maple Leaf was team Thai Polo Club with the owner of Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, Harald Link, in its line-up. Both teams presented a great performance and an exciting match. In the end, team Macau / Maple Leaf led the game and won.

For the victory, the winning team gets seven points for the assessment in the Thai Polo League, the team placed second will receive five points. Because Macau and Maple Leaf have shared a team, the points will divided – both receive 3.5 points.

After Christmas, the Thai Polo League went into the second round. The Thai Polo Equestrian Federation Cup started with four teams. Also present were Sebastian Schneberger and Valentin Novillo Astrada of Los Nocheros who saddled up for the team Maple Leaf. As 6-goal team they could not kept up. Nevertheless, they fought hard but couldn’t make it to the final. The teams Macau / 22BR and Adamas made it to the final. 15 minutes until the end of the last chukka team Macau / 22BR was behind by 5,5:6,5 – but they didn’t give up. With an exciting attack Pedro Fernandez Llorente tried to turn the match. The first attempt was unsuccessful. Due to his skill and his perfect stick handling he still managed a second attack.
But then the chukka bell ended the match. Just one second after the sound, the ball passed the goal – team Adamas won the match.

Due to the strong game of Adamas, the team of Paul Cheung is currently second placed in the Thai Polo League, followed close by the teams Maple Leaf and Macau. Team Thai Polo by Harald Link (owner of the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club) leads the ranking now.

After the Copa Republica Argentina, the Thai Polo Equestrian Federation Cup and the B.Grimm Thai Polo Masters, the Stephan’s Chimfunshi Cup ends the Thai Polo Tour from 21 February to 2 March.

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