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Start of Polo Season in Chantilly

As the first matches on the grass of Apremont finally took place again, the Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly announces a season that will be particularly rich in strong sporting moments in May, June and September, with the repeat of feminine polo, which was a huge success in 2012. The most curious, impatient and passionate spectators can now enter the Apremont grounds that reopened the eight playing fields for the upcoming season.
Little by little, the level of the matches will increase throughout the next weeks, in order to initiate the spring “trilogy” that begins in May: the PGH Cup, Charity Cup and Laversine-Elie de Rothschild Cup, assembling the best professional players of France as well as some high-level Argentinean players, including their leader Pancho Bensadon (handicap 8), who was a semi-finalist at the Argentinean Open last December. The Charity Cup with its final on 8th June (from now on all the great finals in Apremont take place on a Saturday) is dedicated to the Hadassah Foundation this year.
The other star of Argentinean polo, Lía Salvo, world number three, will again be the leader of the female polo tournaments. Last year, she won the Ladies Cup Centre Porsche Roissy and the French Ladies’ Open Chopard; this year in July and September, she will participate in both tournaments again.
The mixed French Open will be the most striking French competition in 2013: twelve teams announced their intention to participate in the battle for this prestigious title that will take place in the first three weeks of September.
Whatever the level of polo, whatever the day of the match, the polo fields of Apremont are always reachable to the public for free, whether it’s on “gala” days (for the great finals, when a more or less important village shows itself from its best side), or on “regular” days (throughout the week, when it’s relaxing to watch a high-level polo game at sunset). On the weekend, pedagogic commentaries make this sport understandable to every person in the audience.

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