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Pure Alpaca Ponchos

Stick & Ball, an equestrian-inspired lifestyle brand, launches a new, All Season 2015 Collection featuring their signature piece, a luxury, alpaca poncho.

Founded by Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn, a polo player and Northern California resident, the equestrian inspired brand, Stick & Ball, was born three years ago out of a passion for California living and an adoration of Latin America mixed with a love of the sport of polo. The brand aspires to capture the chic, yet casual lifestyle of the game played in the countryside and the many and varied cultures and traditions that surround the sport.

Through Welborn’s schooling and travels in the Southern Hemisphere, she admires the geometric patterns and textiles of the Inca and Mayan peoples. Their vibrant colors and ancient yet modernly bold, geometric patterns of these textiles are commonly found on South American horse tack. The combination of these patterns, the alluring Argentine polo life and the hint of a Northern California bohemian feeling drove the 2015 collection. “This collection truly represents the brand’s founding inspiration of country polo played in the West Coast and in Latin America”, said Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn, Stick & Ball Founder & Creative Director.

This past spring, the design team traveled to Peru and Argentina to explore South American polo and horse culture and to meet with the artisans who hand produce the special ponchos in this collection. “The original, striking designs are matched with superior, hand craftsmanship and pure, baby alpaca. They are expertly woven with these fine fibers to be lasting pieces, something you can pass down to your children, and to transcend seasons,” said Welborn.

Other key pieces of the 2015 collection include: equestrian inspired, jewelry, classic, handsewn, alpaca blankets, horse and geometric embroidered socks and silk screened t-shirts. The collection is available online at as well as in select stores.

About Stick & Ball
Stick & Ball is a luxury clothing and accessories line that embodies the lifestyle, fashion and culture surrounding the sport of polo played in the countryside. View the new 2015 All Season Collection at

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