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Summer Tournament 2015

The first tournament at the new PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club in the north of Morocco took place from 6-16 August 2015. Six teams of 5 different nationalities were playing in this 6/8 goals tournament.

The PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club is composed of three new fields, located in front of the sea with a lovely view of the dunes, the virgin beach and the wild landscape.

Most of the visitors were staying in a tent village, typical Moroccan “bivouac” installed in order to implement a unique experience to the club. Lunches and dinners were taking place in a large Moroccan tent inside the club or on the beach. There were different activities such as a visit of the breading center in Busafi, a polo 101 lesson given by Javier Tanoira, horse ride on the beach and games available on the beach (surf, jet ski, kayak, catamaran, beach volley). The PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club is owned by Patrick Guerrand-Hermès.

Family was an important theme in this tournament: Edouard Guerrand-Hermès, Patrick’s nephew, came to play with his friends Mani Boni and Juan Pepa. Alejandro Aznar formed a team with his son Luis and his son-in-law Jose Trenor. The Hurlingham Media team with Roderick and Elias Vere Nicoll, father and son playing with Brieuc Rigaux and Willy Lopez, also respected the family theme.

Marqués de Riscal won the semifinal against Javier Tanoira’s team Douglas and Hurlingham won against the Royal Guard team. In the final team Marqués de Riscal defeated team Hurlingham Media by 8-3,5.

The 16th of august was an important day for the club’s history:
– Official inauguration with the coronel Badaoui, representing the polo federation in Morocco
– Parade of the teams
– Fantasia: typical equestrian show simulating military offensives
– Concert of the royal fanfarria, a race with local horses mounted without a saddle by kids from the village

#1 Marqués de Riscal
#2 Hurlingham Media
#3 Garde Royale
#4 Douglas – Val de Vie
#5 CIBAO La Pampa
#6 Jumenterie Garde Royale

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