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Team Argentina wins Nations Cup

Team Argentina with Carlos Deladino (+1), Pablo Llorente (+5), Facundo Pieres (+10) and Gonzalo Pieres (+10) is the winner of the Copa de las Naciones 2012. Last week they won against Team Brazil in „La Catedral del Polo“ in the neighborhood Palermo, in Buenos Aires. Team Brazil, with its equally strong players such as Pedro Zacharias (+6), Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade (+8), Joao Paulo Gannon (+7) and José Eduardo Kalil (+5) worked together as a team, while the 10-goal players Facundo and Gonzalo Pieres won the game for Team Argentina. The match finished with a final score of 11:9.
In connection with the Copa de las Naciones, the junior and senior matches were also held on the 30th of April 2012. In both games Team Argentina defeated Team Brazil.
At the new „Womens’ Championship Tournament“ the ladies of the„Confraternidad Internacional Femenino“, played at the same time as the men in der „La Catedral del Polo.” Team Empire with Sunny Hale (+9), Kristen Waters (+6), Kate Weber (+2) and Malia McCoy (+4) was happy about its win over Guardalupe Strada (+3), Emilia Malvecino (+3), Maria Bellande (+7) and Anabelle Winterhalder (+5) on Team San Jorge.

The rankings:
Copa de las Naciones
1. Argentina (+26)
Carlos Deladino (+1)
Pablo Llorente (+5)
Facundo Pieres (+10)
Gonzalo Pieres (+10)
2. Brazil (+26)
Pedro Zacharias (+6)
Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade (+8)
Joao Paulo Gannon (+7)
José Eduardo Kalil (+5)

Copa de las Naciones Junior
1. Argentina Junior (+4)
Gino Ringa (0)
Juan Lalor (+1)
Victorino Ruiz (+1)
Genaro Ringa (+2)
2. Brazil Junior (+1)
Eduardo Junqueira (0)
Jorge Junqueira (0)
Carlos Mansur (+1)
Osvaldo Mendonça (0)

Copa de las Naciones Senior
1. Argentina Senior (+20)
Horacio Araya (+3)
Delfín Uranga (+5)
Santiago Araya (+6)
Juan José Araya (+6)
2. Brazil Senior (+16)
José Eduardo Díniz Junqueira (+5)
Jorge Díniz Junqueira (+6)
José Eduardo Kalil (+5)
Carlos Mansur (0)

Match Confraternidad Internacional Femenino
1. Empire (United States) (+21)
Sunny Hale (+9)
Krisen Waters Outhier (+6)
Kate Weber (+2)
Malia Mc Coy (+4)
2. San Jorge (Argentina) (+18)
Guardalupe Strada (+3)
Emilia Malvecino (+3)
Maria Bellande (+7)
Anabelle Winterhalder (+5)

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