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Team Cheeki captures the trophy

The ninth annual La Martina Miami Beach Polo World Cup, the world’s largest and most prestigious Beach Polo competition, opened with a day of sweat and tears during the La Martina South Beach Women’s Polo Cup V as eight women’s teams fought hard to claim the prestigious title. Team Cheeki, consisting of Whitney Ross, Cristina Hosmer and Tiffany Busch, fell behind The James Royal Palm Hotel/Jet Blue team, 3-1 but scored five goals in the final chukker to capture the coveted trophy. Cheeki made their way in to the finals on an opening 6-0 win over The Raleigh Hotel team, while The James Royal Palm Hotel/Jet Blue trio defeated an aggressive Grey Goose side, 13-1.
The James Royal Palm Hotel/Jet Blue team took an early lead in the two chukker final getting a pair of goals from Laura Willson and a single score from Alicia Harden. Cheeki was limited to a single penalty goal in the chukker by Tiffany Busch. Cheeki rallied in the final chukker, taking advantage of The James Royal Palm Hotel/Jet Blue team’s fouls to score five goals – three on penalty conversions by Tiffany Busch and single goals from Cristina Hosmer and Whitney Ross. The James Royal Palm Hotel/Jet Blue team came up with a single goal from Alicia Harden in the 6-4 loss. Cheeki’s Tiffany Busch earned MVP honors for her efforts while The James Royal Palm Hotel/Jet Blue team’s Laura Willson’s horse “Dash” was named Best Playing Pony.
In Lower Bracket matches, the W South Beach Hotel, made up of Marina Wambold, Slaney O’Hanlon and Courtney Asdourian, scorched the team of Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ by a score of 9-0 in the finals. The W South Beach Hotel polo team earned an impressive 8-3 opening round win over La Martina to make in to the finals. SLH snuck past a talented E! Entertainment team 3-2. Courtney Asdourian scored an impressive seven of the team’s nine goals and was named MVP. Maggi McNamara’s horse “Stare” was honored as Best Playing Pony.
The three-day men’s tournament kicks-off the second day of the La Martina Miami Beach Polo World Cup on Friday, April 26th, with eight teams vying for the coveted trophy, ending on Sunday.

The Teams 5. La Martina South Beach Women’s Polo Cup:
Whitney Ross
Cristina Hosmer
Tiffany Busch
James Hotel / Jetblue
Alicia Harden
Cecilia Cochran
Laura Willson
La Martina
CoCo Smith
Ann Gilette
Lucy Millard
Grey Goose
Pamela Flanagan
Chloe Carabasi
Zara Walsh
Raleigh / Comcast
Anja Jacobs
Lynn O’Connor
Valerie Biehl
The W
Marina Wambold
Slaney O’Hanlon
Courtney Asdorian
Scarlet Davenport
Maggie McNamara
Bobette Martin
Danielle Sciaretta
Lisolette Sandberg
Sarah Moga

The Teams 9. La Martina Miami Beach Polo World Cup
Merchant Hub
Tommy Kato
Jamie Morrison
Luis Escobar
La Martina
Guillermo Steta
Santi Torres
Carlos Gracida
James Hotel / Jetblue
Neku Atawadi
Oscar Mancini
Sebastian Dawnay
Grey Goose
Lance Vetter / Tom Ravenal
Vincent Mesker
Guille Usandizaga
MZ Kazi
Carlitos Gracida
Kris Kampsen
Raleigh / Comcast
Bash Kanzi
John Gobin
Juan Monteverde

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