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Team Circa wins the Monty Waterbury Cup 2012

After thrilling chukkas at the Monty Waterbury Cup 2012 at the American Bridgehampton Polo Club Team Circa was able to save a very close lead to the victory. In the 20-goal finale the team met Team White Birch last Saturday 25th of August 2012. The finale should have taken place in the beginning of August. But because of bad weather the match could only be played with a few weeks delay.
The finale started with a firework of goals and awesome moves. Team Circa Magoo LaPrida scored twice in the second chukka. But thanks to Mariano Arguirra and Viana Team White Birch drew close. In the second chukka White Birch stayed goalless, whereas Magoo and Guile Aguero scored three goals for Team Circa together.
In the third chukka, which ended 7:3 for Team Circa both teams played more defensively. Only in the fourth chukka the match was lifted to a higher level when Magoo scored impressive goals for Circa while Freddie Mannix scored some goals for White Birch.
With a three-goal-lead for Team Circa the final chukka began. Team Circa led first. But Viana, Freddie Mannix and Peter Brant of Team White Birch started a goal hunt and were able to shorten the distance to their opponents. But time was running out and with a close final result of 11:10 Team Circa won the Monty Waterbury Cup 2012.
Most valuable player was given to Magoo LaPrida. Best Playing Pony was Califa.

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