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Team Murus Sanctus wins the French Open

From 2th till the 18th of september the French Open took place at the Polo Club de Chantilly. Yesterday, the day of the final startet with a lot of rain. Corinne Ricard (0), Alfredo Cappella (+5), Facundo Sola (+6) and Matias Benoît (+5) from team Murus Sanctus won with 8:7,5 against the team Polo de Deauville.
After a favourable start of the match with two goals, followed by a second realization at the beginning of the second period, Polo de Deauville at the end of the second chukka got ahead. The match turned into a very interesting match between the two best teams of this France Open. Marcos Mocorora from the team Polo de Deauville failed three penalties at 60 yards. Also just before the end, Dario Musso from team Polo de Deauville had the chance to change the score, but the penalty at 60 yards did not turn into a goal. A beautiful match with great audience, despite the unfavoruable weather conditions.


1. Murus Sanctus (+16)

Corinne Ricard (F, 0)
Alfredo Cappella (RA, +5)
Facundo Sola (RA, +6)
Matias Benoît ( RA, +5)
2. Polo de Deauville (+16):
Tomas Reinoso (RA, +4)
Marcos Mocorora (RA, +4)
Dario Musso (RA, +7)
Alexandre Starkman (+1)

3. Cheval des Andes (+16)

Gaetan Charloux (+3)
Ian Galienne (+1)
Alejandro Bernal (+6)
Juan Ambroggio (+6)

4. Black Storm (+16)

Jean Marc Tyberg (0)
Juan Gris Zavaleta (+7)
Clemente Zavaleta (+6)
Martin Joaquim (+3)

5. Marquard Media (+16)

Thomas Rinderknecht (0)
Martin Aguerre Hijo (+5)
Gaetan Gosset (+3)
Marcos di Paola (+8)
6. Mungo (+16)

Patrick Eisenchteter (+1)
Thibault Guillemin (+3)
Gonzalo von Wernick (+7)
Martin Iturraspe (+5)

7. Tom Tailor (+16)

Uwe Schröder (0)
Edouardo Anca (+6)
Juan M. Gonzales (+4)
Tito Guinazu (+6)

8. Tres Marias (+16)

Hugues Morin (0)
Olavo Novaes (+8)
Joano Noaves (+4)
Pierre Henry N’Goumou (+4)

9. Paprec

Claude Solarz (0)
Pablo Sirvent (+4)
Matthieu Delfosse (+4)

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