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Team Royal Barrière wins the Gold Cup of Deauville

Four teams battled it out for the cup at the second Fin del Mundo Snow Polo tournament with the Argentine legend, Ernesto Trotz scoring the winning goal for his team Escorihuela Gascón. The second Fin del Mundo Snow Polo Cup was played in the southern city of the world – Valle de Tierra Mayor, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina on Saturday 27th of August 2011. The tournament consisted of six matches and was organised by Invictus Snow Polo. There were four 10-goal mens teams playing for the Copa Escorihuela Gascón and two ladies teams playing for the Copa Securitas.
The first match was the team Fueguino Hotel with three Brazilian players winning against the young local team HeliUshuaia with 3:2, with a golden goal scored by Gustavo Rocha, which made his team the first finalist of the tournament. The second match was the team Escorihuela Gascón with 4 goals scored by Argentine legend, Ernesto Trotz, winning against the Tante Sara team and taking the remaining place in the finals. The best player of the match went to Juan Badiola, a young Argentine who showed much promise.
The finals took place in the afternoon, as light snow began to fall. The final between Fueguino Hotel and Escorihuela Gascón had an exciting start. Ernesto Trotz scored two goals in the first few minutes of the match for his team, putting their opponents, the Brazilian team in a very difficult position. But the Brazilians knew how to come back and went on to score one goal to retain some dignity. However, Argentine legend Ernesto Trotz was unstoppable, showing great flair and skill he went on to score another final goal, giving his team a great victory – winning 3:1. Compared with the first Fin del Mundo Snow Polo tournament last year, this year’s tournament took place on a larger field, 100 metres long by 50 metres wide, with better quality snow, faster horses and higher handicapped players.

The Ranking:
1. Escorihuela Gascón (+10/+9)
Ernesto Trotz (+6)
Guillermo Harguindeguy (+3)
Tomás Bertotto/Martin Begino (+1/0)
2. Fueguino Hotel (+9)
Sergio Mello Junqueira (+6)
Gustavo Rocha (+3)
Fabiano Carvalho (0)
3. HeliUshuaia (+10)
Ignacio Badiola (+6)
Bautista Garaycochea (+4)
Pedro Bertotto (0)
4. Tante Sara (+10/+8)
Juan Badiola (+5)
Joaquin Irizar (+3)
Raúl Escudero/Sigfrido Wolfsteirer (+2/0)

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